Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Bad, Blogger, Bad

What's up with Blogger?

Did someone shoot a firework up its butt over the Holiday? 

Good grief.

What an attitude!

Obviously, no one missed the fact that I was ranting quite nicely along in my 4th of July post and when I got to the bottom and said, "Here are some pics," but yet there really WEREN'T any pics?

That would be because Blogger cut. me. off.  Wouldn't let me post my pictures.  Says, "Error on page."

I'm seriously considering taking my blog to the dot com world.

Take that, Blogger!

1 comment:

  1. I noticed that, I thought maybe you just forgot to post. I've had problems in the past about uploading photos through Blogger. I load all my photos to Photobucket. I copy the embedded code from Photobucket and paste it onto Bloggers HTML. Works like a charm and Blogger doesn't give me any fits. Just a suggestion. Good luck!