Monday, July 22, 2013

All About Me

Hi Everyone!  And thanks so much for stopping by THE HORTON FAMILY Blog!

My name is Laura and I consider myself a 40 year old {Heaven help me, I admitted it!} Southern Diva from Louisiana {Just so y'all know, two of my favorite words are "y'all" and "freakin'"}!

I've been blogging since the freakin' Dark Ages...since blogging wasn't cool...aka circa 2007.  My blog started out - and always has been - about our family.  And from time to time, I've been known to throw in a little personal fashion, a few tidbits of of cooking and recipes, a little paparazi gossip from the entertainment world, and there have been instances {I admit} where I've stomped my freakin' hot pink heels on top of my golden pedestal and just had myself a big ol' Southern hissy fit!!

Yes.  Even at 40 {With a Scarlett O'Hara smile}.

Mr. Horton and I have been married for 18 wonderful years.  Today is his birthday, as a matter of fact.  Love my man, y'all.  He's wonderful and he's the reason I have that golden pedestal to have said hissy fit.  He considers me his queen.

Our Diva Princess, Alise, is eight years old and the love of our middle-aged life.  Except for last week when she nearly sent me over the edge by way of a chocolate fudge poptart.  I kid you not, I dropped her butt off at camp one morning, drove 1.237 miles to the nearest gas station and bought myself a fountain Diet Coke {laced with a shot of vodka} and a freakin' chocolate fudge poptart!

Okay.  Maybe I lied about the vodka part.  It WAS 8:10 in the morning.

If I had any one neat-o fact-o that I'd want to share about myself today, it would be that I live in the same Southern town as Duck Dynasty.

Huh?  Oh, you haven't heard of them?  Maybe one day soon I'll share a few stories with y'all.

And Mr. Horton wants y'all to know that we are die hard - I mean, DIE HARD - Alabama-Crimson-Tide-Roll-Tide-Saban-loving-on-the-road-to-16-let-the-elephant-out-of-its-cage FANS!! 

He says we can't be Pinterest pin buddies if you have a problem with that.

That's why he doesn't write this blog, y'all!

The GREAT KATE WAIT is nearly over!!  I heard this morning that she is in the hospital!  Sooo excited!!  I'm thinking its a girl.  And since the names, Beatrice and Eugenia are out, what names do you think the Princess will be blessed with?  You know the name will be a freakin' mile long!!

In all honesty, thank you for stopping by.  I love meeting new people in Blog Land and Twitterdom.  I tend to be a little more cautious on Facebook, but I do most of my ranting and raving here and on Twitter, so it's not like you're missing a whole lot from me by not being my friend on Facebook.

Have a GREAT Monday and leave Mr. Horton a "Happy Birthday" in the comments, would ya?


  1. Happy Birthday Mr. Horton!

    Stopping by from Jenna's Journey!

    Love your blog! :)

  2. Happy birthday Mr. Horton!

    You and I sound like we would be fast friends!!

  3. Oh my goodness, you made me laugh. Loved reading your blog for a bit!

    I'd wish Mr. Horton a happy birthday, but I'm not sure he'd accept it from an orange and blue, black and gold Auburn/Vandy lovin' girl like me! ;)

  4. Visiting from Jenna's challenge - thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Oh my goodness - this is so random because I am NOT in LA, but my neighbor is from that same town and he's about your age! How random is that!

    My kids have sent me fleeing for pop tarts, too - just the Smores kind! Ha!

  5. Happy bday mr Horton!

    I hope Kate has a girl. I can't imagine the pressure she is feeling right now!!

  6. Alright I've been reading a while (you know that) but I did not know you live in DD town! I love that show!!

    Happy Birthday to your Mr.!! And tell him I said Roll Tide Roll!!

  7. I'm visiting from Jenna's commenting challenge. First, Roll Tide! :) And Happy Birthday to Mr. Horton.

    I haven't been following the royal baby too terrible much but I honestly thought she was having a girl. Just saw she had a sweet boy. Oh well. 50/50 chance of being right hub?

  8. Girl, I feel like we are going to be blog buddies. I just felt like I was talking to one of my besties.

  9. Stopping by from Jenna's Journey!

    Your post had me laughing! You seem so down to earth and funny!!! :)

    And happy birthday to Mr. Horton!!