Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Few Back To School Thoughts

The fact that school is about to start in three weeks is beginning to cross our minds.

Just a little. 

For those of you that are MY age, you remember KEDS tenny shoes.

Guess what?

They are back in style.

And guess who is the spokesperson {slash} model for Keds these days?

Miss Taylor Swift.

So it would only seem natural – because Alise really, really, REALLY likes Taylor Swift – that she would want a pair of Keds for school.

Here’s the thing though.  Keds don’t just come in white canvas anymore.  No ma’am.  They come in every color and design under the sun now.  So how is an eight year old suppose to decide which pair of Keds she wants?

I dread the day we have to make that decision.

I’m also thinking about First Day of School gifts for Alise’s teachers.  Call it “brown nosing,” I don’t care, but it’s just something that I’ve done since she started PreK4 and something that I plan to continue to do.  I mean, what teacher wouldn’t like a little happy love on the first day of school?  I’m considering doing the same thing I did for Alise’s first grade teacher here, but instead of edible apples, I think I might use flowers instead.

This is also a cute idea.

I still have a few weeks to decide. 

So that just about sums up all the thinking I’ve been doing about school.
How about you?  Do you do teacher “happy’s” on the first day of school and if so, what do you do?

P.S.   Blogger is acting up again so my posts may be few and far between in the coming days.

P.S.S. I forwarded my issues to Blogger help and they suggested I download Google Chrome.  It seems to be working now.  We'll see.  But thought I would pass along any tips just the same.


  1. I might have to embrace 1st Day gifts this year! Where can I get Keds this year? The mall? I loved Keds! I can't have Chrome at work so I guess I'll have to blog at home. Boo. Love the new design btw.

  2. oh and 8/12 is Sofia's first day!

  3. I know, we are pre-school preparing ourselves. I've finished Colton's school supply list and will finish Katie's this Friday because it will be {TADA!} Tax Free Weekend. It really adds up having 9% sales tax on EVERYTHING! Ugh! Anyway, Katie received quite a bit of clothes for her birthday, so I think we are set on Summer School clothes. {Relief} I will need to take Katie shoe shopping because I got Colton's tenny shoes a few months ago. They are none other than Superman tenny shoes.

    I loved the white leather KEDS tenny shoes. They were so much better to keep clean than canvas, but you never see them know just canvas. I never know what kind of shoes Katie would like, so I will have to endure several painful hours looking for that perfect pair of shoes. I would rather have dental work than go clothes and shoes shopping with Katie. Painful!

    I never can get that organized to actually think of making our teacher something for the first day of school. I always find cool ideas, but never the time or money. I do however cover all the other special occasions and holidays. I may not be so good this year because we have another in school at the same time. I'll try my best or I may make a few things way ahead. Doug kills me because he says I'm brown nosing. I don't care, our educators are well worth it.

    Have a great week and good luck with the Google Chrome. Doug downloaded it, but I really don't know what it's good for.

  4. As a former elementary teacher, loved first day of school treats like that. Very cool!

  5. I always send a little treat for the teacher on the first day of school and on the first Friday too...there are so many cute printables out there that make these little appreciation gifts so easy to do. Last year I sent a Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory Carmel Apple with a printable that said, "An Apple for the Teacher." It turned out really cute & Carter's teacher loved it. This year I found a printable with a pair of hands and it says, "Let me know it I can give you a hand." I will attach that to some soap from Bath and Body Works. I think it will turn out pretty cute.