Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wedding Pics & Pearl Street Pasta

I apologize if my blog has been so depressing lately, but it's where I record the events and happenings of our family, and, well.  Things just aren't happy right now.  At least for me, they're not.  Maybe soon I will be able to share everything.  Wayne and Alise seem to be doing much better than me, though, in case you are wondering.

Jonathan and Kailee's wedding was beautiful.  It was on the campus of LSU and small, but just perfect for them.  I had never been on the LSU campus before and I had always heard people say what a gorgeous one it is.  Hmm...I wasn't impressed.  It was nice, shaded, but other than that, a campus is a campus to me.  I told Wayne when we stopped in Tuscaloosa on Sunday for lunch, that I couldn't believe I had been on two rival campuses within 24 hours.

Here are some wedding pics I took with my phone.  I never did get a picture of just Jonathan and Kailee.

Kailee's dad made the food for the reception.  He is getting into the party catering business.  He made chicken and sausage jambalaya and a warm crab dip that was out of this world good!  Made me wanna slap my Moma, y'all!  I've got to, got to, got to find that recipe!!

On our way to Baton Rouge Friday night, we stopped at Pearl Street Pasta in Natchez for dinner.  It was the last restaurant Wayne and I ate at 18 years ago before we headed home from our honeymoon and it has always held a special place for me.  Would you believe the same little white bistro tables were outside?  Who would have thought that 18 years later, my sweet Baby Girl would be sitting in the same seats we sat in for lunch that day?  I just love Natchez!
The whole time we were eating dinner - Wayne and I split the chicken and sausage marinara and it was oh-so good! - I kept looking for Greg Iles.  He is a famous Natchez author.  We asked our waiter if he had seen the author lately and I'm pretty sure he had no idea who we were talking about.  I guess he doesn't read.  Ha!

I'm trying to end this week on a happy note.  Alise was so good last weekend with all the traveling that I told her she could invite three friends over for a slumber party tomorrow night.  I'm taking them to the movies and for pizza.  I hope I survive four little girls!!  We had also planned to have a big fish fry On Saturday with our friends, and as in the words of Mr. Horton, the party must go on.  I'm going to try some new recipes.  Parties are the best time to use your friends as ginny pigs, don't cha think?

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