Monday, June 03, 2013

Summer Has Arrived!

When I was growing up, one side of our "old" house {my parents built a "new" house in the late '80's}, was banked with gardenias.  It was the side where the faded blue air conditioning unit was located.  And every summer, that side of the house smelled simply divine.  I loved to go out in the evenings and pick those delicate, velvety soft flowers and breathe in their sweetness.  I would make mom a small bouquet - careful not to touch the flowers for fear of making them turn that awful brown color way before their time - and put them in a tall drinking glass in the kitchen.  To me, that was summer on Town East Drive.

When Wayne and I were married and bought our first home on Hudson Drive, we planted some gardenias on one side of our house.  Then a few years ago, we bought a new house and when we consulted a landscaper, imagine my sheer happiness when he mentioned, "Let's add a few gardenias to the mix."  This summer, we added a flower bed around the pool and Wayne suggested gardenias because he knew how much I loved them.

And now?  It's summer time again and guess what's blooming around my front door and around the pool in the back?  You guessed it!  Summer has arrived!!

Here is a pic of the flower bed around the pool area.

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  1. This was reminded me of my BFF's post. I think you will love it.