Friday, June 14, 2013

Officially Friday

Okay.  So now it's o-fficially the Friday before Father's Day and I can o-fficially say that I hope you have a mah-velous day with your husband or dad.  What do you have planned for that special man?

To celebrate, I thought I would go ahead and post a pic of Alise and Wayne on their first o-fficial Father's Day in June 2005.  Seeing this picture makes me cry as I type this.  Alise was only 3 weeks old.  I remember Wayne was on cloud 9.

We are busy this weekend with a wedding in Baton Rouge.  Yes, we will actually be on the LSU campus for the ceremony  {It seems so sacrelgious for us Bama fans to be gracing the LSU campus, but sometimes ya just gotta suck it up and roll with it!}.  My best friend Angie's son is getting married to a wonderful Southern Belle from St. Francisville, Louisiana.  Even though it will be late tonight when we get there, I hope I can convince Mr. Horton to make a pitstop at Fat Mama's in Natchez for supper.  I'll be back on Monday with lots of pics.

Before I end the week, I wanted to share two posts that I read this week that made me smile - or laugh out loud!  Whatever you do today, read these two posts: Big Mama's post over at The Pioneer Woman's blog and Worst End of School Year Mom Ever by Jan Hatmaker.  This post positively had me rolling with laughter and described me to an absolute tee!

Have a fun weekend!


  1. The Worst End of the School Year Mom Ever post is hilarious! Glad I am not the only mom that has trouble making it to the end of the school year!

  2. I have an awesome weekend!