Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I've heard nightmares about 3rd grade.  And because I'm an anal Moma, Alise and I are already working on our multiplication facts this summer.  This week, we started multiplication by 4's.  This is our routine: on Mondays, we go up to 5 {4 X 5}; on Tuesdays, we go up to 10.  On Wednesday and Thursdays we review and if I feel like she knows them well enough, we take Fridays off.  A new week starts a new number.

I mentioned to a friend at church that this is what we're doing this summer - as well as reading - and she told me about the free worksheets on www.education.com.  They are perfect for our review days!  The site is for every grade level and also has assorted subjects and topics, so if you wanted to work on time, or money, or a specific reading skill, you can!  All for FREE!

When I was learning multiplication back in the Stone Ages, I remember my teacher plugging up the old record player and putting on a cutesy multiplication song.  Man, would I would give to find those songs again!  I haven't spent alot of time looking on You Tube, but there are some multiplication songs available if you are interested in those.

I've also let Alise make her own multiplication flash cards and decorate them with stickers and markers.  She really enjoyed that!

Thanks to my friend, Jannah {who just graduated from ULM and will be starting her first year as a 3rd grade teacher}, I discovered some multiplication games using your fingers on Pinterest.  Why didn't they have those when I was growing up?

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  1. That sounds like a great plan! We are working on "homework" over the summer too. I have to make a rule that Carter had to do some reading, language and writing work before he could do math work and after he has done something in each of those areas he has earned the chance to do a science experiment. The science experiments have been a great motivator so far!