Monday, June 10, 2013

Miss Grace

Happy Monday!

Guess what I did late Sunday night?  Just call me 'Grace.'

I fell down the stairs.

Note to self: do not wear worn {aka "slick"} yellow box flip flops while going down the very narrow stairs in our house!  You WILL fall.

First of all, I don't like the staircase in our house.  I never have and I've been begging Wayne since we bought and remodeled the rest of the house four years ago to please - oh, please - let's redo the staircase.  It's not even up to today's housing code.  I have this beautiful staircase pictured in my head, but he refuses.  He says that replacing the staircase would cost as much as our initial remodeling project.  Whatevah.

So, yeah, I busted it last night.  My left food went under a small table that I have at the bottom of the staircase and twisted and I fell on my right hip.  I could barely walk on my foot, the swelling and color changes started, and it hurt so bad I really, really wanted to cry.  It doesn't hurt quite as bad today, but I'm walking with a limp.  I think I just sprained it really bad.  My foot actually hurts worse than my hip.  But I will still have a purple kiss on my right cheek at some point this week.

Oh, yes, my ankle will look oh-so pretty this weekend.  Just in time for a wedding.

Alise starts back with art classes this evening.  She is SO excited!  The child loves to draw and color and paint.  I had enrolled her in art classes last Fall, but we had to quit in the Spring because she began cheerleading competition and practices became more demanding.  She was constantly asking me when she could go back and so I called her art teacher last week and Ms. Melanie said she could come to the adult classes this summer in the evenings {most of the kids go during the day in the summer time}.  She had her art box was sitting by the door this morning so we wouldn't forget it!

I thought I would post some pictures of my girl.  I miss the days when I took pictures of everything she did and posted about it.  I was talking to Lauren this weekend and we both agreed that our girls are at such {dare I say it?} easy ages right now.  I can tell Alise it's time for bed - after I've told her to brush her teeth ten times - and lately she has been putting her ownself to bed.  Never thought I'd see the day!

And, Candy, if you're reading, do you still have a blog?  If so, send me your web address.  For some reason, your blog is no longer showing up in my blog roll

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  1. Hey! I do
    It is private, but you should be able to read. :)