Sunday, June 09, 2013

I Stand Corrected

In the words of Sally Field, you must love me.  You must really love me!

No one bothered to say, "Um, Laura?  Father's Day is actually NEXT weekend!"

What can I say?  I was a week ahead.  But boy was I excited when I finally realized I had another week to come up with Father's Day ideas for Wayne and my dad!

Needless to say, I wasn't the ONLY person that thought today was Father's Day!  We went to lunch with friends after church and the waitress was all in a tizzy and asked me {Me?}, "Is today Father's Day?"  I think she was worried the restaurant was about to get very busy.  She was relieved, too, that it was next weekend.

Yesterday we "officially" ended softball season by celebrating with a swim party at our house.  We grilled hot dogs and another mom brought a cake.  Coach Clay gave out awards.  Alise received the "Best Base Runner Award."  I was so proud of her!

After the party, we had a rather quiet weekend.  Wayne went with me to  Sam's and Walmart - two places that I really, really dislike going to - especially on a Saturday afternoon when it seems like everyone had the exact idea you did!  But it was either buy some groceries or starve all week - ha!

When we got home, I made an angel food cake from scratch and chocolate chip cookies {Don't get too excited!  They were slice and bake.}.  We grilled steaks and sat outside by the pool and watched the LSWho v. Oklahoma baseball game.  I wish you could have seen the bantering back and forth on my Facebook page with our friends that are Oklahoma fans!  It was so nice - for once - to not be the butt of those merciless LSWho fans!!

I must say that I could get use to these nice, easy weekends!  We are sooo enjoying our summer thus far and I hope you are, too!


  1. Yay Alise! Way to go!

    I just LOVE the lazy days of Summer. VBS is over and we are back to our own schedule for a couple of weeks at least. Enjoy your time together! We watched a little of Miss. State. One of the players is from Hartselle, not far from our place.

    O and trust me you're not the only one that has thought today was Father's Day. My sister called me the other day about it. She was so relieved to find out, she had another weekend to go. Tehe!

  2. Glad ya'll are having a good summer, so far. :) Also, very glad you are back to blogging! I have missed ya!