Friday, June 21, 2013

Heads Up!

Heads up, y'all!

1.  It's Friiiiiidaaaay!!  And I'm typing a post?  What is up with me?

2.  Just overlook that crazy 'Bloglovin' post.  Today I found out - thank you very much, Brooke - that Google Reader will no longer exist.  Eek!  Where have a been?  Why wasn't I told about this?  Anyhoo, I've since signed up with Bloglovin' in order to read my favorite blogs evah day and you should too.  Don't forget.  July 1st, peeps!

3.  I can't wait to share with you the THREE new recipes - no!  Wait!  Make that FOUR new recipes that I'm making for the big ol' honkin' fish fry tomorrow nite (said with a little Bama southern twang.  Every time Wayne or Angie cross the Alabama state line, their drawls change.  They like to really pronounce those long I's, if you know what I mean!).

4.  Lawd, Jesus, don't punish me, but I have been dying evah nite this week!  I'm telling y'all, my regular bouts with insomnia have been nonexistant this week.  It's like when I go to bed, I'm out.  I don't even wake up during the nite!  But I'm sure my little sleep luxury will change next week.  I think Mr. Horton and I have just been so tired this week because of our very busy weekend last week.

5.  Taco Tuesday became Taco Thursday last night.  If there's one thing Angie taught me, it's that Tuesday nights are made for tacos.  It got so bad y'all, that even if I wasn't cooking tacos, we would go out to eat tacos.   But last night I actually made tacos.  I've been telling ya'll we're half Mexican!!  They don't call my dishes, "Fiestaware" for nothin'!

6.  I am in a decorating state-of-mind.  You local peeps need to get on over to Paul Michael's.  Everything in the store is at least 25% off.  There are some other markdowns up to 50%.  I found a nice size rug for our bedroom that I need to show Mr. Horton before I buy it....get his take on it really matters!  It's an $89 rug on sale for $45.  I'll show you some other things I've bought recently in a post next week.

7.  And last, but not least, I am in a purse buying state-of-mind, too.  My hair stylist, Ashley?  Well, all I can say is that her tattoos are NOT few and far between, but they are the prettiest tatts I have evah seen.  If I was in the market for a tattoo - and I'm not! - her best friend in Lake Charles would do it for me.  Just gorgeous tattoos, y'all.  Anyhoo, Ashley's kinda in to the retro slash vintage side of things and long story short, I am in love with the purses that she carries.  So much so that I bought one today.  Here's the link: Lux De Ville.  And if you decide to buy a purse today, you can get 30% off by using the  code of 'July4th.'  I'll let y'all figure out which purse I decided to get!

Have a Happy, Happy, Happy weekend!

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  1. I hate insomnia. Before I stopped taking clients when I was pregnant with Noey I suffered horribly from it. I couldn't sleep if I was near a due date. I would be exhausted before I even got to the birth. LOL

    Cracking up over the tacos and the fiestaware. LOL