Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything Is Better With Brownies

Our week hasn't started off too good. 

Late Sunday night, I fell down the stairs  {That purple kiss I was telling you about earlier on my bottom is actually BLACK!  It by-passed all the normal colors of a very bad bruise and turned straight to black!  The bruise on my ankle has crossed to the other side, so that my ankle and the top part of my foot is bruised.}. 

On Monday night after art lessons, Alise began complaining of a headache and of course, the normal migraine course that we're accustomed to ensued.  I put her to bed and she slept for nearly 12 hours.  She didn't tell me she had had the headache since rest time at camp and I made the mistake of letting her have a coke icee on the way to art.  Little rest and caffeine are two of Alise's triggers.  Does anyone else have a child with migraines? 

On Tuesday, we tried to cancel hotel reservations that we made over a month ago for a wedding in Baton Rouge this weekend.  The original plan was to go to the rehearsal dinner on Friday and spend the night, but Wayne has to end up working on Friday so we just decided to make the four hour drive on Saturday morning.  Apparently, when he made the reservations, it was a stay-or-pay kind of thing and now we're stuck with a hotel reservation that we really don't need.  Looks like we'll be spending the night in Baton Rouge after all.

So what's a girl to do when things are going bad?

Well bake something, of course!  Perferably something with CHOCOLATE in it!

So I made these and they were delish!!  The perfect little pick-me-up.
Here's the recipe if you're interested.  Even Mr. Horton agreed that they were really good.  Until last night, I had never made brownies from scratch, if you can believe that!  This will definitely be my new go-to recipe.  What was so great about it was that I already had everything I needed.  No extra grocery store trips required.

I wanted to show you the outfit I wore to work today, just because I'm so darn proud of what I "threw together."  I'm not normally someone that can piece an outfit together.  It's like when I go shopping, I buy this shirt to wear with these pants and I don't do a lot of "mixing up."  But today, I surprised myself.  The picture is taken at an angle and it makes me look like a cow, but you get the gist of the outfit.  Even my boss complimented me on it!

          - Striped sleeveless black and white blouse from NY & Co.
- Pink cardigan (old as the hills and from Target)
- Black skirt with pink ring at the bottom from Cato on sale for $12.99
- Strappy wedge sandals from Dress Barn last year

I hope your week is going well!  Maybe ours will get better!

If you're visiting my blog, please leave me a comment and let me know you've stopped by!  You know who you are!


  1. I have never made brownies from scratch either but that recipe doesn't too intimidating at all!

    Your outfit is really cute! I love the skirt!!!

  2. I have never made brownies from scratch either!!! :) They look delish though! :) Sorry about Alise's migraine headache. :( I had my first migraine at NLU! LOVE your outfit---too cute! :)

  3. Cute outfit! I hope Alise is feeling better. I had migraines as a kid, not fun at all.

  4. Sorry your week was kind of crummy:( I have migraines as well and caffeine itself is not the trigger but all the other junk in coke is if that makes sense. For example I can drink coffee all I want but not cokes. I avoid them at all costs. And red wine! I had to give it up unfortunately:( I just switched to white hahaha! At any rate sometimes I just have to sleep them off too. But you can see a pediatric neurologist if they become frequent. There are some preventive meds that children can take. I love your outfit!!!

  5. I feel your pain girl. My week ended up with a big black cloud myself. Won't go into the details, I'll spare you. I think I see brownies in my future; however, I've been tearing up the dark chocolate and coke zero.

    Love the zebra outfit!

    Have a great weekend!