Tuesday, June 25, 2013

A Perfect Summer Weekend

Alise had a sleepover this past Friday night.  It was a reward for being so sweet the weekend before when we crossed three state lines within 24 hours. I'd be lying if I said I was a little worried how the night was going to turn out, but the girls were sooo good! 
 I took the girls to see Monster University.  I really wasn't looking forward to it because I am sooo over animated movies, but it was really, really cute.  The girls loved it!  I even found Monsters Inc. cupcakes and cookies for the sleepover at Walmart.
 Laugh if you must, but I have a habit of taking a blanket with me to the movies.  I always freeze in the theaters.  Allie Grace decided to bring her LSU blanket, too, and she and Alise picked on each other about their blankets touching and which team was better.  Needless to say, the rivalry starts early here in the South!  I sent Wayne this picture and texted, "We're representin'!"

After the movie we went back to the house and made personal pizzas by using English muffins.  The girls really liked that!  I told Alise earlier in the week, that lights were going out at midnight and I didn't want any shenanigans.  The girls went straight to sleep but they were up by 6:15 Saturday morning and in the pool by 9:15!  

Saturday night we had a big fish fry with friends and the pool was full of kids. Wayne and I love it when it's like that!  The big screen was on, the kids were splashing, Wayne was frying fish, onion rings, hush puppies, and fries, friends were laughing and relaxing...just a perfect summer Saturday night in Louisiana!  I'll be sharing those new recipes I tried later this week.

On Sunday, we slept until 9:30.  Alise slept until 10.  We were tired and needed the extra rest.  Since we were on the road to Alabama on Father's Day, Alise and I treated Wayne to his be-lated gift.  We took him to see Superman.  Alise was soo excited that she was getting to see a "PG-13" movie!  She thought  she was so big!  I thought the movie was ok....a little more violent for her than I wanted it to be and a little to sci-fi for me - y'all know how I feel about those sci-fi movies!  After the movie, we went to lunch at McAllisters - their new pot roast sandwich with brown gravy is out of this world good {but I got mine without all the peppers}!!  Later that evening we all went swimming.  The water was perfect.  Can you believe that's the first time I've been in all summer?  The water has just been too cool for me.

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