Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Thanksgiving Menus

One of my all time favorite writers is Heather Gudenkauf.  I have read everything she has written and my favorite book is "These Things Hidden."  Totally unpredictable with a surprise ending.  Love, love, loved that book.  Well, according to Heather's blog, she and her husband are hosting Thanksgiving at their home for the first time this week and she posted a really funny story about the menu.  Go here to read all about it.  Baked beans??

And speaking of Thanksgiving and turkeys, I must admit that I have never cooked one.  First of all, I don't buy any type of meat with a bone in it, so why on earth would I buy a turkey?  I remember the first Thanksgiving my mom made a turkey.  For some reason, we didn't go to my Grandparent's that year, Michael and Daddy went hunting, I was studying for college finals, and mom was a nervous wreck in the kitchen over a stupid BIRD!  I vowed then and there that I would never succumb to that much unnecessary stress and decided that even if I was married to the President of the United States, I would always BUY my turkey cooked and not frozen.  Of course, if I was married to the President, we'd have our own personal chefs and I wouldn't have to buy a turkey then, either.  But the point is, when Moma decides she's ready to hang up the apron strings and bake no more turkeys, I guess I'll start buying mine from from the local connoissesurs.  I hope it comes complete with a tin-foil pan of dressing, too, because the only thing I know about dressing is that it has cornbread in it!

The green bean casserole is a running joke in our family.  Wayne hates the stuff and so as we fix our plates at TG dinner, if anyone asks for a "spoonful," Wayne piles it on their plate because he says he doesn't want to take it back home and see it in our refrigerator for a week.  I'm the one responsible for making the green bean casserole.  So much so, that mom now buys the ingredients and says, "Here.  No go make it."  I guess you could say that somewhere along the way, the green bean casserole torch has been handed off to me because growing up, Moma always made it. Something happened when I got married.

I wanted to share a picture of the tomato stake Christmas trees that I mentioned in my last post.  I only have a picture of one of them because I need to get another extension cord for the other one.  I thought they turned out great!!
Ignore the orange ribbon.  I'm still in between  Fall and Christmas, but the door will be ready soon enough!

Also, there are presents under the tree!!  Yea!!!
And if this picture doesn't get you in the mood for Christmas, your wood is wet!!

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