Sunday, November 04, 2012

Roll Tide!!

We had a FABULOUS weekend!!!

Alabama beat LSU!!!  All is right in the world!!  LSU gets to choke on Dumbo Gumbo for the next 365 days and we are ecstatic about that!!

So this morning, the Horton's decked out in their red, black, and gray and headed to church!  Let's just say that the LSU fans were rather quiet this morning!  Ha!

We had brunch in Sunday School, so I made one of my favorite breakfast dishes, Blueberry Coffee Cake.  Go here for the recipe.  It was really yummy!!

I also made Christy Jordan's yellow cake with peanut butter icing this weekend, too!  It was delish!

I am sooo stinking far behind on blogging.  I haven't shared the first pic from Disney or even pics of Halloween.  Unfortunately, my camera was d-e-a-d Halloween night, so I didn't get any pictures until everyone got back to our house after trick-or-treating.  I hope to share them soon!

Welcome November!

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