Monday, November 19, 2012

It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas!

Bring on the Holidays!!  I'm ready!

Last Friday, Wayne was off work and he came by the office and picked me up for a hot lunch date!  During lunch, we made the final decision to attend the Horton Christmas in Alabama on the weekend of December 9th.  We've been married nearly 18 years, Baby Girl is almost 8 and we have never attended the Horton Christmas party!  What is wrong with us??  So once the decision was made, I immediately called Mirya to ask her what I needed to bring and who I needed to buy gifts for.  We are SO excited about going this year!

As of six o'clock last night, the tree is officially up and glowing in front of the living room window!  My work in progress is finally complete!  Now, I'm not much of a bragger, but I have to admit, my Christmas tree looks purty darn good!!  Love, love, LOVE my thirty year old Christmas tree!  It's the same tree that my mom use to put up for Michael and I every year.  Oh, if that tree could talk!  I can't tell you how much I enjoyed sitting in front of the fireplace last night and watching the lights twinkle.

While I was working on the inside, Wayne as busy outside putting up the icicle lights.  He managed to get half way across the house and realized there were some strands out.  Those lights are brand new!!  We just bought them last year!!  I don't know about you, but we don't fanigle with lights!  If they go out, we trash 'em.  Now my mom on the other hand...she'll sit and play with those things all day until she finds the one that causes the problem!  She even has a "tool" she uses.  Get real.  So needless to say, we got to buy icicle lights again this year!

Remember the tomato stakes I use for my ghosts on Halloween?  Well I found a neat idea on Pinterest about wrapping them with lights so that they look like Christmas trees.  When the icicle lights idea didn't pan out, Wayne volunteered to wrap the stakes and I can't wait to put them beside the front door!!

In case you're wondering where Baby Girl was all weekend or what she's been up to, she had a cheer competion on Sunday afternoon at West Monroe High School.  Her squad won first place in their division, beating out their nemisis, Live Oak, from Baton Rouge!   Way to go, Ouachita Cheer!!

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