Sunday, November 11, 2012

Cinderella's Castle

I'm just now beginning to download all the Disney pics from my ipad, so here's the first round of pictures.  This post won't mean anything to some people, but those of you that love the story of Cinderella and have never seen "the castle," you might enjoy the pictures.  I'm a little obsessed with the "the caste."  Blame it on my mom for always taking us to see the Walt Disney movies and Cinderella was always my favorite princess!

This picture was taken the night we trick-or-treated in Magic Kingdom.  The castle changed colors.

I wanted to go ahead and show you my very favorite picture from Disney.  It was taken the night we trick-or-treated, which probably ended up being the high-light of our entire trip!  We had SOOO much fun!!  ALL the characters were out and Alise got all their autographs!  We got to visit the new Belle castle and Ariel's grotto that isn't suppose to open until December 2nd.  We rode Dumbo SIX times without getting off!!  It truly was a magical night!!

Alise was suppose to cover her eyes, but she couldn't hear the photographer.  We STILL haven't looked at all the pics we had taken with the photo pass!  We had SO much fun dressing up!  Alise dressed up every day and I dressed up twice.  We had one entire suitcase that was nothing but costumes!!  We made some GREAT memories!!


  1. LOVE!!! SO fun-can't wait to see more pics. I am so ready to go back to Disney!

  2. I'm obsessed with the castle too. It's every little girls dream! And that is an awesome pic of the three of you!