Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Proof Is In The Pudding

Alise officially earned ten minutes added on to her bed time!!  So, so proud of Baby Girl!!  All A's!!  Woohoo!!

Look at that hair, would you?  It reminds me of when I was Alise's age.  Maybe she'll be blessed with curly hair after all.

Last week, Wayne finally booked my birthday cruise!!  Soooo stinking excited!  A few weeks ago, I had gotten online to check the price and it had gone UP by $100.  I was so disappointed.  Then, last Tuesday, I came to work and had an email from Carnival about a 35% savings.  I normally don't pay any attention to those emails, but I thought, 'Let me just go out here and see.'  And sure enough!  The cruise had dropped and was now even CHEAPER than it was originally!  We'll be heading to Mexico the day after my birthday for $335 {including taxes}!!  I. can't. wait!!

I've also been making some reservations of my own!  Since my 40th birthday falls on a Sunday, and we'll be driving to New Orleans to board the ship on Monday, I made reservations at Chateau Lemoyne for Sunday night.  A friend of mine from work stayed there about a year ago and just ranted and raved about it.  Bourbon Street is just a block over but I could really care less about that.  I could just stay in the hotel the whole time!  It is gorgeous!  For dinner, I'm planning to make reservations at Jacques-Imo's.  Happy Birthday to me {maybe I should have done something like this for my 30th birthday and I wouldn't have been lying in the bed all day crying my eyes out!}!!

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