Tuesday, October 16, 2012

October Rest

Alise was out of school today for October Rest, which is more or less Columbus Day holiday, just a week later than everyone else.  So she stayed with my mom today and when I called to check on her in the middle of the afternoon, she told me she was making "pumpkin soup with rocks" that she found at the end of my parents' drive way.  Whatever.  At least someone got to enjoy the day off.

When Baby Girl DOES go back to school tomorrow, it will be the beginning of a new 9-weeks.  She doesn't miss a thing, let me tell ya!  Earlier in the school year, she was BEGGING me to let her stay up past 8 o'clock.  Her bed time has ALWAYS been 8 o'clock and that's because after she goes to bed, it's the only time Wayne and I can carry on a conversation without being interrupted.  So Sunday night, I made the mistake of reminding her about the new 9-weeks and she reminded ME of what I said 9 weeks ago about adding 10 minutes to her bedtime everytime she makes straight A's.  So last night, I kept my word.  Well, at first I tried to tell her that I needed to see her report card first, but she talked me into it and so now Alise's new bedtime is 8:10.  And not a minute past!

There are only FIVE more days until we leave for Disney!!  We leave next Sunday morning on a non-stop flight headed to the happiest place on earth!!  Alise is VERY excited!  And get this!  She's convinced us to wear COSTUMES!!!  I bought Alise cheap costumes at Target: a '50's poodle skirt one piece and a Dorothy costume {that I don't expect her to stay in too long because it looks like the costume is going to be hot and they are saying we're going to have 80-degree temps there next week}.  I've dusted off my poodle skirt and even found my old Flapper costume that Moma made for me before Alise was born!  Tuesday night, we are going to trick-or-treat with all the characters in Magic Kingdom.  It's an all-exclusive affair; they shut the entire MK park down and only people with the golden tickets are allowed in the park.  A friend of mine, Kelly, swore that we didn't want to miss it!  She said her daughter rode rides with no wait times until she was nearly sick!  As for Wayne, you ask what costume he'll be sporting?...Well, after much oogling and having the heeby-jeebies scared out of me Saturday night at The Halloween Store, we've decided that Wayne will go as what he is best!  A UPS man!!  I plan to carry my ipad with me at all times and blog when I can, so stay tuned for pictures to come next week!


  1. Yay Alise! Getting all As. Wonderful news and getting that bedtime moved up to 8:10. (tehe)

    We had our celebration for Columbus Day the week before. We call it Parent/Teacher Conference; thus, I had to get a babysitter just to meet with the teacher, to tell me that Katie's doing great. Good news, but still.

    I'm so excited for y'all and I love the costume idea. Alise is such a creative thinker. Where does she get that from? (haha) I would say y'all have fun, but I know you will. Tell Mickey hello for me. :)

  2. Can't wait to see your Disney updates! I would love to go to Mickey's Halloween Party one year!