Monday, October 01, 2012

Happy October!!

Happy October and happy Monday!!  I have never been so happy to see this month come, as well as the cool temps that seem to be coming along with it!  FALL IS HERE!!

Two more pics that I forgot to post previously:
A sweet card that Alise's class had waiting on her Thursday when she returned to school.

Program from Alise's swim meet last week.

And on a cheetah note, here are some more pics:

I found some Cheetah Christmas things last week while I was in Hobby Lobby shopping for Halloween things for my front door.  I also saw some red, green, and cheetah ornaments!  Oh, how I would love to redesign my tree this year!!I foresee our Christmas card design in the near future!

And lookie at what I found for pokeno Friday night!!

The girls loved the cheetah paper products.  I had originally planned to go in a Fall theme, but alas, I found the napkins and that was it!

I took full advantage of a rainy, muggy weekend and did absolutely nothing - except shop with Angie and the girls Saturday morning.  Oh, and then there was a hot date Saturday night with my man! On Sunday we stayed in our pajamas and worked on a school project that is not making our home a very happy place at the moment.

 No new recipes this weekend.  The Horton's will be living on taco soup, maybe some chili - if I can remember to stop at the grocery store to pick up the cans of tomatoes Wayne needs to make it, leftover pizza, and chicken and dumplings this week because I don't plan on cooking this week, either.

For the latest on our bomb threat and the person who did it, go here.

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