Sunday, September 30, 2012

Swim Meet Details

Of course, sporting events do not always go as planned.  And let me just say that I have NEVER been to an event when something was planned right down to the minute, but this swimming event was! 

Alise was originally scheduled to swim around noon, so we stopped in Vicksburg and filled her up with a good breakfast at Cracker Barrel.  However, by the time we got to the event, her heat had been moved to 2:46 PM!  Ugh!!  Baby Girl does not like to wait!  Her second heat was schedule for about an hour later.  And, like I said, that all got jumbled up and we ended up swimming about 40 minutes later.

There were 70 girls signed up to swim the 25 meter free style, so the event was broken up into 7 groups of 10 girls.  Each group had previous similar times {so that really slow swimmers weren't swimming with really fast swimmers - more of an even playing field}.   Alise was in the first heat because she did not have a score from last year.  She came in 2nd place in her heat.  Based on a print out of last year's scores, she would have placed within heat 6 which is the next-to-the-fastest girls.  Late Thursday night, Eddie emailed the final results to us and Alise placed 15th out of 70 girls!!!

In her second heat, the 50 meter free style {there and back}, she did not do as well.  She was wigged out about her turn because she said sometimes she doesn't hit the wall and of course, if they didn't hit the wall, they had time added to their final score.  So when she got to the end, she paused for breath and took off again, loosing seconds.  And of course, like we knew she would, she got tired about half way to the finish line and slowed down.  She still managed to come in second in her heat and 16th out of 49 girls!!!  We are SO proud of her!

Here are just a few pics.  I had trouble uploading the video, but you can go to my facebook page and watch it {and hear Wayne hollering in the background!}!

River Oaks Elementary Swim Team

Alise (2nd Grade) & Avery (1st Grade).  The only 2 girls on the elementary team.

On the block for the 50 meter event
This is my favorite picture!!

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