Monday, September 24, 2012

Student Of The Week & A Bomb Threat

Last week, Alise was Student of the Week in her class.  Of course, to say she was excited would be an understatement!

Baby Girl likes some BLING!  The final product!

And here was our first progress report of Second Grade!  So proud of Baby Girl!
Some cookies I made for Friday Fun Friend Day!

Honestly, our SOTW has been grounded since last Wednesday because of her mouth!  I warned her Saturday a week ago and then again on Tuesday.  On Wednesday morning during our usual what-to-wear mahem, I had had enough.  I moved to spank her and she jumped over her bed and skirted out of her bedroom so fast she reminded me of those little bitty monkeys at the zoo!  So suffice is to say, she's been grounded for nearly a week and an almost perfect angel ever since even if she has been bored to tears!

This morning, I walked Alise in to school so I could help get her "alter shrine" and poster from her classroom because I didn't want her wagging all that stuff to after-school.  I also needed to tell Ms. Morris that Alise would not be at school on Wednesday and would she mind getting her things together so we could still work on them.  As I was leaving the school, I heard Ms. Tillman, our principal, telling the teachers that there was a fire drill and that they needed to get the children out of the building.  As I walked to my car, I thought it was strange that the school would be having a fire drill before 8:00 first thing on a Monday morning.  As I pulled out of the parking lot, a sherrif's car passed me and I saw children beginning to file out of the school with their teachers.

I made a stop at Target on the way to work to get a few things - mostly a Diet Coke for my throbbing head - and when I got back in the car, I noticed Angie had called me.  Angie normally doesn't call me first thing in the morning so I called her back and I could tell she was upset.  She asked me if I knew what was going on at the school.  I explained to her that I thought it was a fire drill.  She said that Robbie had left work and had met the fire trucks and police cars flying towards the school and that she thought it had to be more than just a fire drill.  I made it as far as the hospital parking lot, called my secretary to let her know something was going on at the school, and headed back to campus.  A few minutes later, Angie called me back and told me another mother told her it was a bomb threat and the school was on lock down.  Actually, THREE bomb threats at THREE different private schools in our area.

When I got to the school, the parking lot was blocked by police cars and their were firemen and policeman walking around.  I pulled unto a grassy area off the main road and parked in front of the elementary.  Robbie and Angie were in front of the high school entrance, but we were talking to each other on our cellphones.  Around 9:00, a police officer came over to our group in front of the elementary and told us that in about fifteen minutes they would be letting the children back in front of the school for us to pick up and that school was being dismissed for the day {The children had been evacuated to the football/baseball fields}.  I quickly got Alise and took her back to the office with me.

When I got back to the office, someone asked me what was going through my mind while all of that was going on and my first reaction was that I was angry.  I was mad that I had not paid more attention and noticed the signs that something worse than a fire drill was going on. I was mad that no one at the school was answering their stupid phones.  I was mad that someone could be so stupid as to do something like this, but I never really thought Alise was in danger.  I figured it was a hoax. 

I think Alise was worried.  She told me that she didn't cry, but she asked another mother who was with the kids during lock down {how that happened I have no idea because her daughter was already at school when I dropped Alise off} to call me to let me know that she was okay and that she wanted me to pick her up.  Of course, picking her up was never not an option.  Even if school had not been dismissed today, I would have picked her up.

This afternoon, I guess the reality of what had happened this morning began to sink through and I have been sad and upset ever since.  I can't help but think what if there really had been a bomb in her school?  I just don't feel like blogging about it any more now.


  1. That's horrible! I would be upset too!

  2. That is scary, whether it was a hoax or not. So much evil in this world. It's great to have God to lean on during situations like this. I'm so glad the kids were okay.