Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Door

I'm blogging via our old laptop.  I STILL can't blog from our new one.  I got on the google forums last week, but I STILL can't figure out what the hell is going on.  I keep hoping that one day I'll log on and it {the computer?  Blogger?} will decide to work right.  You may be wondering what the big deal is.  The BIG DEAL is that now I'll have to begin saving our recent pics on an old laptop in order to post them on our blog.  It's called disorganization and I don't like it!!

Moma came over this afternoon and helped me decorate the front door for Halloween.  I think it turned out WICKED!!  Ha ha!!

I've still got a few more things to get to finish dressing it up before Friday.  Friday night I'm hosting our new and improved pokeno group and I can't WAIT!!  So excited!!  However, I nearly died this afternoon when I tried plugging up the lights for the ghosts that will go on either side of the door.  I plugged them in to see if they still worked and got a good electrical jolt.  I threw those strands away and plan on buying more soon.

Believe it or not, we actually had time for a few pics before church this morning!  I can't remember the last time we were actually on time!

Do you see a little Cheetah rubbing off on my daughter?  I seem to bathe in Cheetah these days!  Ha!

The only "new" recipe I tried this weekend was this.  Of course, I added my own twist which was to skip the whole bread making thing and use a roll of cresents rolls instead.  It turned out great!  Alise loved it! 

Did I mention I've been buying stock in cresent rolls?  Last week, for a quick supper, I rolled some ham and cheeese up in those bad boys and baked them in the oven.  Quick and easy peasy.

We have a VERY busy week ahead that includes a middle of the week run to Jackson for Alise's first and last swim meet.  SO excited for her and her team mates!  Go River Oaks!!


  1. I love reading your posts! They are so real ro live. You aren't sugar coating the day to day! Love it!

  2. Whoa! Auto correct! They are so real to life! not so real ro live.