Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Sad Day

I'm asking for prayers for my sweet friend, Felicia. She is the mother of Alise's good cheer friend, Brooke, and because of cheer, Felicia and I have also become good friends. Last Tuesday at practice, Felicia told me that the doctor had told her dad earlier that day that he had inoperable brain cancer. He had cancer a few years ago, but had been in remission. Felicia told me that her dad had really gone down in the past few weeks and she didn't expect him to make it until the end of the year. Fast forward to 4:00 yesterday afternoon when I got a text from Felicia saying that her dad died Saturday. He had gotten dizzy and when Felicia's mom turned to call 911, he fell out of the chair and died. I went to the funeral home today to see her and her mom {I had met her parents once at a cheer meet in Hot Springs} and Felicia seemed to be handling it well, but she was worried about her brother. Please keep Felicia and her family in your prayers.

On the way back to work, I had my own little crying session because I realized that one day I would have to go through the same thing when God decides to take my parents to Heaven. Of course, Wayne has already experienced that sense of loss with loosing his dad fourteen years ago last month. I simply can't imagine what that day will be like when I have to say good-bye. But I rest in the fact that Jesus said, "I have told you all this so that you may have peace in me. Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world {John 16:33}."

Most of you know that I like to tweet on Twitter. I "tweet" more than I Facebook. One of the girls I'm following tweeted a question asking what was everyone's favorite Bible Study. After lots of responses, she tweeted that she was going to begin the study/devotional, "Jesus Calling." Well, I did a little research and discovered that there is a "Jesus Calling" app for the ipad! Actually, there's two: a "lite" version that is free and another version that is $9.99. I downloaded the free version and it's really neat {you can make notes and even set a timer to remind you to do your devotion} so today I started "Jesus Calling." The note I made today was: The secret to my contentment in everything is rejoicing in God in all things. I am really going to try and work on that statement because so many times I try to find joy and happiness in worldly, materialistic things and that's not God's will for my life.

I also thought today about what happened on this day eleven years ago in New York. I was already at work in my office that morning - PRE ALISE - when Linda Clark came running in, out of breath, telling me that the towers had been hit and that it looked to be a terrorist attack. I really thought she was lying. I really thought it was just a media hoax. Of course, I soon found out and realized that that was not the case. I spent much of the day in Dr. Barrow's office watching the TV in his waiting room {his office was in our building}. I've been to New York post 9/11 and while I was there, I could not fathom how different things were for that city before 9/11. I mean the biggest outcome that I can think of coming out of that disaster is the chaos you have to go through now at the airports. But to think of those people...some in the building when the attack happened...some running late for work for one reason or the other...some being in the wrong place at the wrong time...some surviving...some dying...WHY?

"Here on earth you will have many trials and sorrows. But take heart, because I have overcome the world."


  1. So sad. One of my dear friends lost her dad on Monday. His funeral was today. I, too, had the same sad feeling knowing that I will have to face this one day. Tell your friend that I said a prayer for her and her family.

  2. Your friend will be in our thoughts and prayers. Having parents in their mid to later 70s, I too think about that time. I've learned to instead of dwelling on what will happen, I appreciate and thank God for every passing day I have with them. :) I love your memory verse! Sometimes when you are in the middle of disaster, your emotions get the best of you. It can be hard to think of positive things, but thank God for his comforting words and those memory verses to always give us peace. :)

    Right now, I'm reading a Beth Moore book. I just love her. Hopefully when I finish, I'd like to check out your new devotional. I had no idea that Apple App offering this. Very interesting.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. Peggy, the kids and I will be heading off to the Fair Parade soon. Wish me luck, keeping Colton out of the street. Ugh! ;) Give Alise a big hug and kiss for us. Love y'all!

    ROLL TIDE Y'ALL!!!!!

  3. So sorry to hear about your friend! It is so sad and hard to deal with. I miss my Dad so much. I was there with him through the entire ordeal. It was the hardest walk I have been through. I leaned on the Lord and meditated on his word. That helped so much.