Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekend Recap

For Friday Family night last week, we decided to spend the evening with our friends, the Perry's.  Brooke cheers with Alise and the girls are great friends.  We had a Mexican Fiesta spread complete with hard and soft tacos, fahitas, and tostadas {my personal fav}.  Felicia brought a store-bought key lime pie that was out-of-this-world delish! We all ate so much that we were miserable!  But we love spending time with the Perry's because they are sooo much fun and make us bust at the seams with laughter.  Good friends.  Good times.  Lots of fun.

Felicia brought me a little fun gift from the beach.  A Bama flip flop to decorate my wine glass.  I had never seen them before and it was oh-so cute.  Parnell didn't know that she had bought me something Bama and gave her a hard time about it.  Of course, they are LSWho fans.  Thanks so much, Felicia!  I love it!

And speaking of the Perry's, Brooke always has on the cutest bathing suit when she comes over.  Last time, it was a cute one from Old Navy that I never could find Alise's size in when I tried to find her one, and this weekend, it was an oh-so cute bathing suit in purple from Etsy.  Felicia couldn't remember the name of the seller, but it looked very similar to the one I linked to.  Of course, I'm coveting one for Alise. 

Do you KNOW how many freakin' recipes are on Pintrest for freakin' Tator Tot Casserole?  Alise is on a tator tot kick.  Every time we go to Sonic now, she wants tater tots instead of onion rings {Never thought I'd see the day!} and she's been begging me to buy some at the grocery store.  So I thought it would be fun to make a casserole that Wayne would refuse to eat, but would meet my daughter's latest craving.  Wayne doesn't do casseroles.  So, anyway, I got bored with looking at all the recipes and trying to find "the one," so I came up with my very own version.  I'll share a little later this week.

On Saturday, I had the entire morning to myself!  I went for a mani-pedi and then went shopping.  Lo and behold, I found a pair of red dress pants and a cheetah top and a cheetah purse!  And shoes!  But no peep-toe shoes - at least not on sale!  Then, for some crazy reason, I found that I was in the mood to "dig" so I went to our yucky TJ Maxx store and found even more cute tops!  I think I'm ready for Fall.

Saturday afternoon, Alise's cheer team was suppose to perform at the Ouachita peprally at Bayou Jamb, but it started to sprinkle, so the performance got cancelled.  Here she is with a few of her coaches who are Ouachita High School cheerleaders.  The first pic is of her and Madison.  Madison is her spotter for her back hand springs and has been a true encourager to Alise.

And all of THAT was AFTER we went to a birthday party for this classmate:
As a mother, you'd think I know better than to take my child to a swim party, say that you can't swim, and expect her to stay dry!

Today made two - count 'em - TWO Sundays in a row that we've made if for early church and Sunday School.  This morning, we went to the contemporary service in the chapel and Alise seemed to do better.  She said church "goes faster" in the chapel.  We had lunch with friends, made our weekly Wal-mart run and I made THIS delish recipe for my mom and dad who came over tonight for dessert. 

Just SIX more days until Bama kick off!  I. can't. wait.

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  1. I think Alise and my MK have similar thoughts on church services! Alise has grown up so much! She looks like a 2nd grader. Where did the time go?