Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Weekend Before Back To School

Our last weekend before school starts.  Sigh.

Wayne and I got up at 6 o'clock Saturday morning to take our walk.  It was 69 degrees outside and oh-so nice! Yeah, we took our walk and then we went back to bed and slept another two hours!  Ha!

Alise had an appointment to get her hair trimmed Saturday morning.  We got another inch cut off the back and her bags trimmed.  About a month ago, she got about four inches cut off and I must say that I was sooo glad.  I've always liked her hair shorter and now with the pool {because she can't ever remember to put her hair in a ponytail because it makes the tangling easier} it just makes my life alot easier. It's still long enough for her to put in a ponytail for cheer.

Saturday night, Wayne and I had a date.  We went to see the new Bourne movie and had dinner at Copeland's.  Then, we did a Wal-mart run!  Fun date night!

On Sunday, I went to church for the first time all summer {so it seemed}. Well, we actually only made it to Sunday School, but it's a start.  It's just hard getting back into a routine.  After church we stopped by the school and helped Karen - ahem! Ms. Clark - get her room ready for Wednesday!  I lurve how her room has turned out this year!!  So, so cute with a monkey theme!

Ms. Morris' daughter, Sidney, came home with us and the girls had a play date.  They swam and played with their American Girl dolls.

While the girls played, I put on my Betty Crocker hat and went to work in the kitchen!  It felt so good to have my cooking mojo back - it had been missing all summer!  I got a little inspiration from Pinterest.  I made this Pink Lemonade Pie.  As I'm writing, we haven't tasted it yet, but I did have a lick and it tasted wonderful!  I love that this recipe is so versatile - so many different versions!  The only changes I made was that I used a graham cracker pie crust and for the topping I used Cool Whip.  Who can go wrong with Cool Whip?

I also whipped up some of Pioneer Woman's Southern Meatballs for later in the week.  I made Crawfish Etouffee for supper.  And I also whipped up some Reese Muffins from a mix that I found at Wal-mart.

Wayne loves Reese peanut butter cups so I knew he would like these!  And he did!  But be warned: he said they were very rich!

Whew!  I'm ready to hang my apron up!  This Betty is TIRED!!!

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