Friday, August 24, 2012

Tacky Tacky

Let's just say that I'm not thrilled with the pep rally themes for this year.  I realize the pep rallies are probably more for the high schoolers than the elementary students, but the smaller kids LOVE the pep rallies and LOVE to dress up!

This week's theme is "Tacky Prom Dress."

Say what?

Give me a break.

Try explaining THAT ONE to a seven year old!  Yesterday, Alise got in the car and said, "Mama, this week we get to wear tacky prom dresses to the pep rally.  What is a tacky prom dress?"

Well, you see, Alise.  A tacky prom dress would probably be considered what I wore to my own prom over 20 years ago.

She literally wanted to know if she could wear one of my old prom dresses {Moma actually still had my old prom dresses in my old closet up until a few years ago.  I just couldn't part with them.  I still thought they were the belles of the ball!}.

And, Carrie?  If you're reading this, if I ever find that picture of us in our prom dresses in my bedroom back in April 1991, I'm posting it on Facebook.  Don't act like you don't know which one.  YOU KNOW!!

So the whole Tacky Prom them got me to looking on the internet for some old tacky pictures.  Looky at what I found!

And, yes!  That would be Mr. Brad Pitt in the above picture!

I posted this dress last because it is SOOO similar to the dresss I wore to my Senior Prom.  There's a story, of course.  I almost didn't go.  Wasn't a big deal until about two weeks until and I decided to ask a friend of mine to go.  Yes, I asked HIM!!  We were just friends, though, and I think Carrie and her date wanted to double date so it was no biggie.  However, I had waited too late to get a dress.  Lo and behold, Mama and I were shopping in the mall two weeks before and found a dress nearly like this one at Fields.  The thing was, it was strapless and there was no way my Mama and Daddy were going to let me out of the house with a strapless dress!!  Heaven help us!  So mama bought the dress and we had it altered with the stipulation that mama make the straps to go on the dress.  Gah!!!  So, my senior prom dress was fushia, sequinned, with shorter ruffles in the front than in the back.  I was stylin', y'all!!

And who could forget Doogie and Molly Ringwald in "Pretty in Pink"??  Even then, I thought the dress was a disaster.  But I liked Molly's hair.

Did you have a Tacky Prom dress?

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