Thursday, August 02, 2012

Neighborhood Drama

We've been having a little "neighborhood drama" in the form of a dog.  To make a long story short, the house at the end of the road has this HUGE {I'm not exaggerating, either} German Shepherd that likes to run after cars and bikers.  We won't even walk or ride our bikes toward their house because of fear of being bitten.  Or mulled.  So last week, we started letting Alise have a little "independence" {Heaven, help me!} and letting her ride her bike to her friends house on the street over.  The dog hadn't been around and we assumed because of the hot temperatures, he was cooling off inside.  He didn't bother the girls for three days.  Friday night, we weren't home, but Natalie rode her bike down to our house to see if Alise could play and the dog bit her.  The bite broke the skin and left a bruise.  I didn't find out about this until early Saturday morning when I was walking and the dog's owner stopped me and told me what had happened.  Of course, she said her dog would never bite, yada, yada, yada and I told her it was a shame that the girls couldn't ride their bikes to each other's house without being in fear of him.  She said they were going to try the "imaginary fence" approach.  Good luck with that!  I texted Natalie's mom later that morning to check on her, and she told me that they didn't go to the ER.  Later when Natalie came to the house, I saw the bite and I just couldn't believe that Christy didn't take her to the ER.  She told me the owner said the dog had had all his shots.  I'm not even going to go in to what Wayne said he would do if the dog bites Alise!

I'm back on the diet bandwagon.  Can you feel the excitement?  I cannot believe how fast six pounds have creeped up on me this summer!  I know one reason is because I quit exercising.  So Wayne and I have started back walking in the evenings.  And it's HOT, y'all!  Hot, hot, hot!!  I should be able to sweat those six pounds back off!

There is absolutely NOTHING on TV in the summer time, but two shows that Wayne and I have gotten in to this season is Food Network Star {the season finale was last week} and Master Chef on Fox.  We love those shows!  I continue to be amazed each week by one of the contestants on Master Chef that is blind.  Her name is Christine and she lost her sight a few years ago.  While she does have help on the show with gathering her food and those kinds of things, she is totally independent and makes the best dishes.  Go Christine!

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