Monday, August 20, 2012

Monday's Musing

So before I share the recipe from Pinterest that I promised you yesterday, I thought I would tell you a little about our day.

I didn't want to get up this morning.  I didn't want to face the world and the first full week of second grade.  I wanted to stay in bed and SLEEP {as if I didn't get enough sleep this weekend!}!!

But I put my big girl panties on and hopped in the shower.  Well, I put my big girl panties on AFTER my shower, but you get the point.

By 7:30, Baby Girl and I were dressed - after a brief argument about what she was wearing to school - and headed out the door.  Why, oh, WHY do we have to fight about what she wears to school?!?  It doesn't matter if we pick it out the night before {which is an old tradition that we're resurrecting this year}, she changes her mind the next morning!  Drives. me. insane.  Just LOOK how precious she looks!!

Wayne and I bought this outfit to match her American Girl doll's outfit in Canton.  I thought she would be thrilled about it.  I even told her that she didn't have to wear the pants!  The tunic was long enough for her to wear as a dress!  After we fought, I went in the bathroom and there she was!  Standing in front of the sink, brushing her teeth with the pants on!  Whatevah!  Can SOMEBODY give me an, "Amen!"?

Karen wanted me to come by this morning and take some pics of some students that weren't at school on the first day as well as a class picture.  Here is a picture of Alise's second grade class.  They are all wonderful students and oh-so quiet, too!  At least for now! Ha ha!

Now for the recipe.  I've actually had this recipe pinned to my "Recipes I want to try" board for a while and just never got around to it.  One day I was looking through the board and noticed that I sure do have an awful lot of desserts pinned to that thing!  So that's when I decided to make something that wasn't a dessert and opted to make these purty little things: Stuffed Bell Peppers!  Now, I've made stuffed bell peppers before, but I wasn't too impressed.  This recipe appealed to me because it used Italian sausage instead of regular hamburger meat.  But I even made another tweek to the recipe by using Italian turkey sausage and an Italian blend of cheese.  Alise and Wayne liked them.

Oh, what the heck!  While I'm at it, let me share some other recipes on my Pinterest board that I've tried and liked, too! 

Loaded Potato Casserole
Pink Lemonade Pie - I think I shared this one last week!  Tastes great even a week later {in the freezer}.
Santa Hat Brownies - These are good if you can remember to put Santa's hat on!

Okay, I thought I had made more, but apparently not.  But I do want to share that the one recipe I have tried and didn't turn out so well was the Meatball Sliders.  The meatballs slid out of the dough and it just wasn't a pretty sight.  It looked like a big bleeding scab or something.  Ugh! 

But speaking of food and pinterest, I'm working on my "Tailgating" board.  Can. not. WAIT. for SEC college football to start so that I can make all those wonderful recipes I'm finding!!

Happy Monday!

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