Wednesday, August 15, 2012

First Day of Second Grade

Let's hear it for Second Grade!!

Baby Girl was up at 6 o'clock this morning excited about school {I personally hope her excitement lasts a while 'cause it sure makes my life alot easier!}! To hear her tell it, it's because she got a good nights rest due to Mrs. Clark's "special confetti."  She told me, "Mama, I went to bed last night and I was OUT! {snapping her fingers} just like that!"  Good grief!  I may have to stock up on Mrs. Clark's confetti {Remember that, Karen, for testing in the Spring!}!!  Here are a few pics from our first day.

Karen mailed the students a sweet poem which included confetti to go under their pillows the night before school.  I think lots of moms liked the idea!

Here are the treats that I made for Alise's class.  I thought they turned out soo cute!
And it always pays to know the teacher's favorite cookie!

Here is Alise with her second grade teacher, Mrs. Clark!

With said "Chunky Monkey Bites," of course!!
I didn't get many pictures with Alise's friends today, but I'm sure I'll get some soon.  We kinda got to school early because the parking lot was re-paved over the summer and I didn't want to fight the lines.  There will be lots of picture taken this year, I'm sure!

Happy first day of Second Grade, Alise!

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  1. Congratulations Alise!! Wow Second Grader - You go girl! Hope you you have an awesome year.

    We love you,

    Your Bama Family