Friday, August 24, 2012

Fashion Friday

There are two things - in my opinion - that every wardrobe needs this Fall:  a pair of red pants {doesn't necessarily have to be skinny jeans, although that does seem to be the going style right now}, and a cheetah skirt.  That's it!

I mean, look at this outfit!  Sooo me!!

However, the cheetah skirt that I ended up buying this week looks like this {sorry, I couldn't get the picture to save} and from such an unlikely shop as well! But I LOVE that skirt!  It is so different from all the other skirts and that's why I like it so much. I hope it looks as cute ON as it does on the website.

Now back to the red jeans.  I actually went back to Target yesterday and bought a pair of red soft corderoy skinny pants that I failed to mention the other day during my skinny pants rant.  And the reason I didn't mention them was because they were corderoy {and I don't think the weather is just quite right for it} and they are almost a little too reddish-orangey to me.  But what the heck!  They were on sale for $17 bucks so I bought them.  And unless I just find another pair of red pants that I simply can't live without, these will have to do this year.

And I know I said there were only two things a girl needs for her Fall wardrobe, but I'm also on a mission for a pair of these puppies.  Would love, love, love to have a pair of black peep-toe heels.  Not too high of course!

Happy Friday, y'all!  Baby Girl forgot all about the Tacky Prom Dress theme this morning while getting dressed for school, thank goodness!  We are ready for the weekend!  Hope you are, too!!

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  1. Okay, I absolutely love animal prints with black for Autumn. They just go hand in hand, especially with black leather high heel boots. I loved my boots back when. I've got to get another pair. I told Doug that I've got to go clothes shopping for me this year.

    About the tacky prom dress, if you grew up in the 80s your going to have a picture of the tacky dress. Some might be lucky enough to have the dress still hanging in their closet. LOL! For some dumb reason, my favorite color at the time was the metallic green back then. I had a short balloon and long green metallic dresses. Ugh! I think the school pep rally leaders are so focused on the high schoolers that they forget about the little kids.