Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Bad Luck

Since my post yesterday, Wayne has since taken the big screen down from under the cook shack.  The winds from hurricane Isaac picked up today and I told him he really needed to consider taking it down.  I sure would hate to loose that big thing!!

Alise's school is out tomorrow with anticipation of the hurricane making it to our area.  We won't know about Friday until late tomorrow evening.  We're expecting lots of rain and wind, but hopefully no damage or power outage.

Okay, let me just say that I haven't had much luck with recipes from Pinterest.  Somehow, I always pick out the recipes that look better in the pictures than they taste.  Tonight, I made this recipe and it was actually pretty darn good!  The only complaint I got from the critics was that the peas were hard and could I leave them out the next time I made it?  I will definitely make this recipe again because it was soooo easy!

This recipe was a bit of a disappointment.  It was suppose to be "the best recipe on Pinterest," but I disagree.  I made it Sunday night and mom and dad came over to try it.  They said it was okay, but I don't think anyone saw fireworks or anything.  As a matter of fact the remaining half is still in the refrigerator and hasn't been touched since Sunday.

The leopard skirt I ordered turned out just like the recipes I've been trying!  The print looked more like "The Flintstone's" version of the cheetah print than what I wanted.  I was tempted to keep it and have mom do a few alterations because I am SOO in love with that hot pink ruffle at the bottom, but it just wasn't worth the money.  So it's going back tomorrow.

I sure hope you're having better luck than I am this week!


  1. I think why the peas were hard is because they were frozen when you began cooking them. Past recipes that I've experienced, call for frozen peas. You pretty much have to cook them to death just to get them nice and soft. Doug hates his veggies to have a crunch. Same thing goes for frozen carrots, this is just my experience. I think the peas would have been good and if your family normally likes peas, you might want to try canned or fresh peas instead of frozen next time and cut down on your cooking time.

    Don't think you have bad luck on the recipes. I have tried a few of the Pinterest recipes and you have to make it your own. What you know would be good and if something needs to cook a little longer like the peas. With our special diet, I have actually found some real good ideas and the recipes turned out good. Of course, I always have my own suggestions for the next time.

    I don't blame y'all about the TV. You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love y'all!

  2. Hope everything is ok with you guys! Hope the weather wasn't too bad there. We just got a little rain!