Wednesday, August 08, 2012

All I Want For Summer Is....


She did it!  Alise finally lost her last front tooth last week and now she is most definitley "snaggle tooth."  Bless her heart!  She even has a lisp now!  But don't laugh at her about it!  Heaven forbid, don't laugh at her about it! 

This tooth loss was especially memorable because it hung in there to the bitter end!  Wednesday morning, when she woke up, she could twist the tooth all around.  I finally told her, "Just pull the silly thing!"  She headed to the bathroom and about three minutes later, I heard, "Mama!!"  Her gums hardly even bled!

I'm no dentist, but I have had braces and I think Baby Girl will end up with them, too.  She has lost three teeth on the bottom and only two have come in.  I don't see how the third tooth has room.  I told Wayne that we need to take her to see Dr. Boles and I can almost bet she will suggest pulling some teeth.  I don't want Alise to be around when she says "pull teeth," but that's what I'm expecting will have to happen.  Alise may have a loud mouth, but in the way of teeth, her mouth is definitely small.

We are gearing up for school to start next week! 

Alise went back to cheer last night and she was so excited because she nearly got her back handspring!  I couldn't believe it on her first night back!!  She said she really likes her spotter and trusting someone when you throw yourself backwards like that is important.  I'm glad she decided to go back.  We were really wrestling with what extra-curricular activity to do.  Alise had said that she wanted to go back to gymnastics, but the older she gets, more than one activity gets pretty hard.  Besides, cheer practice is two nights a week already and I just don't think we can add anything else at this point.

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