Monday, June 04, 2012

T-Ball Limbo

T-ball limbo no more.

Alise has decided that she does not want to play All-Stars this year.  Wayne and I thought that she might want to since she wasn't able last year because she broke her arm and didn't play in enough games to qualify. But it was her decision and she decided not to do it.  She had a great game tonight on the pitcher's mound and her team is still undefeated.  Our last game is Thursday night.

The TV is in place!!! Thanks to our friend Shawn for coming over and helping Wayne get it in the air yesterday afternoon.  There are gonna be some FUN times around the pool and cook shack this summer! I can't wait!!

Alise started summer camp at Bayou Gymnastics today.  She loves camp and had been missing her school friends.  She was so excited to see them today.  Tomorrow her group is going to the Safari Zoo.  She's pumped!

Cousin Brooklyn {and baby brother Baylor} is still in town!  We are loving summer!!