Saturday, June 02, 2012

Fun In Shreveport

Friday night, Angie and I went with Kelly and Linda to see Joan Rivers at a casino in Shreveport.  Good times and lots of laughs!! Sooo much fun!

Today was laid back day for us.  Wayne had been doing the Jackson shuttle for the last three days plus his regular route, so he was absolutely exhausted.  He slept until 9:30.  I had a hair appointment and then Alise and I went to the Henslee's to hang out for the rest of the afternoon.

Tonight, Wayne grilled sliders in his cook shack!  They were delish! I thought I would show you some pictures of his cook shack.  It's coming along, but Hubs needs to bust a move for Alise's birthday party in two weeks!

This is the hangy thingy for the TV.  Wayne got it rigged up today.  He bought the TV last weekend.

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