Monday, May 21, 2012

My Little TBall Player

Please don't hate me, but blogger has TOTALLY revamped everything, so I'm muddling my way through this post until I have time to sit down and "really" figure it out!

First of all {after reading my last post}, I want to tell you about Alise's almost HOME RUN!!!  Y'all!!  It happened last week.  Baby Girl was having the game of her life!!  She got like 7 outs that game playing pitcher and even she and Eva {our first baseman} were clicking on all cylinders and Eva was catching Alise's throws and making big outs on first base.  It just so happened that she ended up being last batter in the second inning.  Now, a little t-ball rules for you:  Whoever gets the ball that the last batter hits, they have to run all the way to home plate; they cannot throw the ball into the in field or catcher.  Now for a little history:  Alise has not been hitting well this year off the tee.  We play three innings and the first two, the girls hit the ball off the tee.  The last inning, our wonderfurl Coach pitches to them three times and if they don't hit it, they go back to the tee.  Alise is not a power hitter, but she does hit better when Coach Clay pitches to her.  So imagine my surprise when she walked up to the tee, swung, and the freakin' ball went all the way to the fence - bases loaded!!  But, she fell at first base, and I just knew it was about to be "Meltdown Central," but instead, she looked up at her first base coach, got up, touched the bag, and started to second.  The ball was still in the outfield!! By the time she rounded second and was headed to third, I was on my feet at the fence screaming my blooming head off shouting, "Run, Baby, run!!  Run, Alise!!"  I was sooo freaking excited!!  But alas, this story does not have a happy ending.  Remember, I said almost.  The outfielder from the other team made it to home plate and was waiting to tag Alise as she came home.  If she hadn't fallen at first base, she would have made a home run!  And as she came up to the fence where I was sitting, she said, "Now do I get my $40??!!"  I hated to tell her no, but I did.  She was a little disappointed at first, but still excited about how close she was.  No one on her team has gotten that close to making a home run!!  At least she knocked the other three girls home.  It was one of my proudest moments of being Alise's mom!

And here she is with three days of first grade left.  I thought she looked so cute this morning.  I can't believe I am about to have a second grader!  AND a seven year old!!  Time is flying by and I wish I could stop it. And yes, we've lost another tooth. Our first front tooth.  I have a feeling she is gonna be "snagggle-tooth" this summer!


  1. Way to go Alise! We are so proud of her. What an exciting story and wish it was a happy ending, but that's okay. Next time, girlfriend, next time!

    She looks so pretty in pink, but it might be because pink is my favorite color. :)

    I know, I've had mixed emotions about having a second grader. It's sad, but I'm excited for Katie.

    Hope you have a wonderful Summer. BTW, I've been missing your post. Glad to see that you updated it. Take care and love ya girl!

  2. I've never really been into any kind of ball, but I LOVE watching A.J. play! He has gotten 4 homeruns this year in pitching machine!!! I think it gets even more exciting the older they get, because it is more competitive! So, tell her to keep at it and she'll do great!