Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Happy Summer!

To me, summer technically begins on Memorial Day.  So we've had a rather busy first week of summer so far!

My neice, Brooklyn, has been visiting my mom and dad this week.  She and Alise have been attending VBS at their church and loving it!  Brooklyn is sleeping over tonight, so right now, they are in the living room setting up a tent with blankets and sheets to sleep under tonight.  They have done alot of swimming and my mom took them to the park today, so they are having a blast!

Last Thursday, Alise's t-ball coach {and our good friend} called and talked to Wayne a while about Alise playing all-stars.  He wants her on the team.  The problem is, we haven't signed the paper work to make that happen.  The truth is, we're torn about what to do. 

Over the last few months, I've noticed that the frequency of Alise's migraines have increased.  I called and spoke to Dr. Pena's nurse, Jennifer {who is also a close friend and her daughter plays on our t-ball team}, and she suggested that we keep a check and maybe begin Alise's "headache diet" again {no chocolate, pizza, processed meats, red dye, red sauces, any carbonated drinks, etc.}.  She also said that she would talk to Dr. Pena and get his opinion.  A few days later, we had a tball swim party at our house, and Jennifer told me that Dr. Pena wanted to see us and that he would probably schedule an MRI.  She could get us in this week.

Well, that's when the mommie in me took over.

I told Jennifer to ask Dr. Pena if we could try the diet first.  Since Christmas, we had slacked off on it and the migraines started again around February.  They seemed to have increased since then, but then again, we were letting her eat whatever.  I am just not to the point where I am ready to put Baby Girl through an MRI.  Maybe I should just say that I"M not ready for an MRI!  Alise. will. WIG. out!!  And Jennifer wasn't sure if they would be able to sedate her.  I also think one of Alise's triggers is exhaustion.  When she is tired, they seem to come on more easily.  And they always occur in the evening time right before bed.  She got a headache Monday night at Angie's, but I think I was able to ward it off with some Ibuprofen before we were in full-fledged vomitting mode.  Last night I put her to bed at 7:30 and she was pissed about going to bed with it still daylight, but she got over it.  Mommie rules!  So all in all, I want to wait through summer and see Dr. Pena again at the one year mark which is September.  I haven't talked to Jennifer again to see if Dr. Pena agrees with my "recommendation." {Grins!}

Having said all that, that's the primary reason why we have not signed Alise up for All-Stars {That and the fact that we have a cement pond sitting in our backyard for her to enjoy all summer instead of sweating in a ball uniform}.  I worry about her headaches in the heat and humidity.  All-Stars go through July and practice is two hours 5 days a week.  We have asked her if she wants to and she flips back and forth; one day she wants to and the next she doesn't.  I know it's bragging, but Alise is an awesome pitcher and Clay said the only thing she would need to work on is her throw from the mound to first base - she can't quite get the ball all the way to first base repeatedly.  Needless to say, we are in t-ball limbo right now.

In other news, last week we made our reservations for Disney!!  We leave on October 20th!!  Alise is soooo excited!!

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