Thursday, March 01, 2012

Valentine's Night With Friends

I finally got around this week to uploading my pics from Valentine's night when several of us went to see "Elvis" at a local restaurant. Suffice is to say that what happened at The Chateau stays at the Chateau, but to dis the whole night without saying what a FABULOUS time we had would almost be considered the unpardonable sin. So....WE HAD A FABULOUS TIME!!! When Karen pulled out her 50th birthday tiara, I KNEW we were gonna have a blast!

Elvis put on a great show! And our table did our best to make the show even better!

Me and Angie

Me, Angie & Elvis

Me and Karen

Elvis! Who says he's dead? Lol.

Angie, Karen, & Me

The birthday girl just doesn't know when to quit!

Karen and her SIL, Elaine

Me, Elvis, Ms. Peggy {from book club} and Angie

At the end of the show: Elaine, me, Karen, and Linda

Karen, aka "Cheetah Moma" and I were twinkies for the concert! We both wore our sassy Cheetah shoes!

Elvis singing to me!

What a night!!! Fun times with the girls!!

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