Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I seem to have lost my blogging mojo so for those that email or text to say that you still read, I do apologize for the lack thereof. But I think I've finally figured out the culprit of my time killer these days! It's called: the ipad. I never leave home without it. It is my life-long pink {cover} friend and I would be sooo lost without her! She comes complete with games, too, so that's another reason I've become a blogging slacker. However, I DO plan to buy her the new pink Vera Bradley ipad cover to show my love. Now...if I could just come up with a name for her! And for those of you that say I can blog from my ipad, I've tried that and I have issues with publishing, but I WILL look into it and try again.

So any thoughts or suggestions for naming "Pinkie?"

Alise has been in the pool the last two weekends. I know she was freezing to death, but they say kids can handle it better than adults. I just told her that if she touched me one more time with her cold hands, she was getting out for the remainder of the day. That threat didn't last very long, either. I'm not "officially" laying out - clad in a bathing suit - but I am laying by the pool reading. I usually wear a sleeveless shirt and old shorts. But I am working on my tan - more or less. I really enjoy reading out by the pool more than I thought I would. We have "fountains" that shoot off {I know that sounds sooo red-necky} into the pool - to keep the pool cooler during the hot summer months - and I love to hear them going as I'm reading. It's relaxing.

Alise is testing this week while the rest of the parish schools are out for Spring Break. She was out at the end of February and will get another whole freakin' week off at Easter time. Why didn't mom and dad send me to River Oaks? I was so deprived. Two Spring vacays and I never got to participate. Anyway, I'm trying like hell to make the week extra special for her. I picked her up from school yesterday and we went to get ice cream. Today she has to go to after-school but I promised to get her an icee on the way home. I'm so proud of my home-girl! She only needed 10 AR points for 1st grade, but she has 21. I told her I'd give her $20 bucks if she made it to 25 points. She asked me if she could stop at 25 and the OCD mom in me wanted to say, "Noooo!! Let's keep going and see how many points we can get!" But Wayne nipped that one in the bud and told me to lay off.

Speaking of doing things for money, Alise has her first t-ball practice tonight. I told her if she hit a home run this year in a game, I'd give her $20 bucks. She asked for $30. Go figure.


  1. It's amazing that kids are willing to tolerate freezing cold water just to swim. Brr!