Sunday, March 11, 2012


For what it's worth, all those weekends that were slow and we had no plans? Well, the Horton's made up for it THIS weekend!! I was ready for this one to go down into the history family album, I must confess!

On Saturday morning, Angie, Jennifer, and myself hosted a baby shower for Tiffany. It was a small, nice shower and I know that Tiffany enjoyed it very much. WE enjoyed eating all the food! It was so, so yummy!! I made cheese grits for the first time from a recipe that my boss gave me. I think they will soon become a staple food around the Horton household! DE-lish!

I wanted to show you a pic of the fruit cascade that my mom did for the shower. Isn't it so so pretty?! I'm thinking about pinning it on Pinterest. Thanks, mom!

Saturday afternoon, we helped celebrate Maddie's birthday at a local kids' gym. Fun times!

After Maddie's party, we headed to our favorite crawfish dive with the Henslee clan and pigged out!!

That night, Wayne and I watched a movie until 11:00, which was really midnight thanks to DST. Ugh!!

On Sunday morning, I went to work while Wayne and Alise went to church. Around noon, I came home and crashed! Literally.

Then it was time to get up and head to another birthday for Addison. I have no pictures from the party because A) I was the bad mom and dropped my kid off so that I could make a Walmart run before the storm hit, and B) Addison isn't very fond of the camera so when Wayne picked Alise up from the party, he didn't get any pics.

And so there ya go! That was the busiest weekend ever!


  1. I have to do a fruit tray for Leslie's Bridal Shower, so I'm stealing your mom's idea. Didn't think you would mind. :) Thank you Mrs. Anderson! It's been crazy around here as well. Take care!!! Happy Spring!

  2. What a busy weekend!

    I saw a pin the other day that made me think of you. It said 'Our house runs on love and Diet Coke' :)