Monday, February 20, 2012

What Did She Say?

Friday night, I turned my phone off so that Wayne and I could sleep. He did the shuttle at work on Thursday and Friday, so the two of us had been up at 2:00 AM for the past two mornings and we REALLY needed some sleep. We went to bed at 8:00 Friday night and left Alise in her tent in the living room until God knows when she fell asleep.

Anyhoo, imagine my surprise when I turned my phone back on Saturday morning and saw Tiffany's text about a "blessing" from Ms. H! She ended her text with "Praise the Lord!" so I knew it had to be good!

No freakin' homework all week!!! Can you believe that?

The kids are out of school today for President's Day and they are out again on Friday and out all next week for Spring Break.

God knew how I needed that!

I watched most of Whitney's wedding Saturday morning. It was rainy and yucky outside and we stayed in our pj's all morning. What I didn't watch, I taped. My favorite parts were BeBe Winans euology and song {I wish CeCe woulda sung with him} and Kevin Costner's euology. It's obvious that she held a special place in his heart. I cried and cried and secretly hoped that when God decides to take me Home that there will be people to say nice things about me, too.

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