Monday, February 06, 2012

Nicholas Sparks

{I started this post last Thursday}

My first Nicholas Sparks book was "The Notebook." I read it because Carrie told me that I would love it! And I did! I cried all through that book and when I saw the movie, I cried some more! What a wonderful love story! And then I read "A Walk To Remember" and maybe one more {that I can't remember the name of right now} and saw a few more movies {that I may or may not have read the books to} and then I began to see a pattern: someone always DIES! So then, I warded off all Nicholas Sparks books. No more.

Until tonight.

When I fell in love with the author all over again.

Alise has been learning about "authors" and "illustrators" in school. Every time we read a book, she asks me to tell her the name of the two. So when I explained to her this morning - while I was FLAT IRONING her hair - that I wouldn't be home tonight to do her homework {Thursday nights are MAJOR study nights and so I'm stressing about the job Wayne is going to do. I guess I'll find out next week when she brings signed papers home...}, she asked me, "What are you and Ms. Angie up to?" Like it's any of her business. So I told her that I was going to see an "author" tonight and her eyes got big and she asked, "Can I come too?" Dumb question.

After work, I met a few girls from book club at the "Patron's Party." That's just a fancy-shmancy word for drinks and appetizers. Probably some phrase coined from one of Nicholas' books that I didn't read, but definitely worth the $50 per ticket because by that time, I was starving! The patron ticket also meant that we got a chance to meet the author and have our picture made with him.

To say that "Nick" was mobbed by a bunch of women would be an understatement! There was no line, just sheer chaos! Women grabbing at him to have their picture made....not in rock star fashion, but definitely in "can I have this dance" fashion. He was very nice, very kind, and never quit smiling. But what man wouldn't be being flocked by a bunch of women? Here's a pic of us from book club!

It was a WONDERFUL night! I loved "Nick's" speech because he told us the stories behind his first four books and I finally understood WHY someone always dies in a Nicholas Sparks novel. Each one of his books {or at least the first four} are based on something that happened in his life. And unfortunately, the man has had alot of bad things happen. But to be able to turn those tragic events into books that millions of people read is pretty amazing! He was a great speaker, not cocky, but very genuine and he had us crying and laughing all over again. His speech read like one of his books.

Afterwards, we stood in line for nearly an hour to have our books signed. Angie let me have one of her hardback books because all my "Nick" books were either paperback or had been sold in a garage sale and well, I just didn't feel comfortable having him sign a paperback book. I just felt like I would be "dissing" him.

He was so kind and personable. He asked me, "Did you enjoy the speech?" I told him I loved it!

I may just be back on the Nicholas Sparks band wagon again!

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