Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Cheetah Mama's Birthday

What was suppose to be a shopping day trip in Shreveport, quickly turned into an overnight girls road trip! In just one afternoon, too!

My sweet friend/SIL, Karen, aka "Cheetah Mama," is turning 50 years young next week and I oh-so wanted to give her a small party with her favorite girl friends and her rockin' sister-in-laws, but her sweet hubby had other plans and I am just thankful that he included MOI in them!!

The "original" plan was to whisk Karen away for the day like I said, but I was sitting in my office Thursday afternoon and this fabulous idea just popped in my head! Why not drive over and spend the night Friday night? Karen agreed, but Friday morning when I saw her at school, I was beginning to get a little nervous. The weather was wet and rainy and Karen was fish-tailing about going and shopping in the rain. But by 6:00 that night, me, Angie, and Cheetah Mama were on the road and headed to Shreveport. We spent the night at a casino and had supper at Superior Grill. And that's all I'm gonna say about that because what happened at the Casino stayed at the Casino! Ha! Let's just say that three of us are notorious for "closing down" places!
On Saturday morning, we got up and went shopping. I was sweating about having to tell Karen that we needed to be back around 5:00. I knew she would be so disappointed, but I hoped the party might just put that all in perspective for her and she wouldn't mind so much. I think I was right! Here is she is being coronated with her "50 tiara" and sash. All her friends and family were waiting OUTSIDE when we turned onto her street. She was SO surprised!
Her husband Danny did so good on the cake! It was delish! One half was white cake and the other was chocolate. I think chocolate ruled that night!
And my favorite picture of all! I was SO glad that Karen had NO idea what was going on and I was so proud of us {Danny, his sisters, myself, and Angie} that we were able to keep it a secret. It was so much more fun that way!

Karen and her mom.

I told Karen later that I don't think I have ever seen Danny smile so much! I think he was so proud of himself, too!

Happy Birthday Karen! Love ya!

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