Tuesday, January 10, 2012

No Regrets

Today was a much better day. My Alabama Crimson Tide gave me a much needed boost to fight my post-Christmas blues. So proud of our team. They were awesome!

I think Preston Dial {ex-Bama player} said it best, "In two games, Alabama (27) - LSU (9). Thanks for playing guys!" Love that.

And I must say that last night was probably not my finest hour, but I have no regrets and make no apolojies. If you're gonna trash talk me or my husband, then I'm throwing it right back in your face. It's easy. Keep your mouth shut and we can be friends.

It's times like these when I envy our Alabama family for living in the state of the team they support. But then again, I guess they get the same bull from Auburn fans. It would just be nice to be in the majority for once. For instance, one of the Shreveport affiliates was broadcasting from the LSU tailgating party Sunday night. No programs just live coverage. I would have MUCH rather seen Bama fans dancing and drinking beer.

It's the great state we live in. Losers and at the bottom of the list in everything but trying to be #1 in football.

Maybe the Saints will win the Super Bowl.

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  1. Eventhough Bama and Aubbie are opponents, we really do get along pretty well. I have several Auburn girlfriends. They are so sweet to pull for Bama if we are not playing them. If we do play Auburn, we have jokingly say our "Roll Tide" and "War Eagle" at each other. We just know that friendship is more important. You will come across a rival with a bad attitude every now and then. We just turn the other cheek and just say "Roll Tide" on our way in the other direction. LOL!

    I'm sure things will calm down soon.

    Meanwhile, ROLL TIDE!