Monday, January 23, 2012

My Surprise Birthday Party!

I had a FABULOUS birthday thanks to all my wonderful friends and family. You guys are awesome! Thank you for making my day so special!

I guess I should have known something was up when Wayne wouldn't do what I wanted him to do for my birthday, which was grill me a steak at home. Instead, we all got gussied up - I was feeling rather sassy myself and wore my cheetah shoes - and went to Copeland's for dinner. I had their famous Spinach Artichoke Dip and small steak and pasta entree. When we were coming home on our road, I saw all the cars parked in the driveway and nearly busted out in tears. So this was what Mr. Horton had been up to! But he had a little help, of course, from my friends Angie and Karen, who made the party even more perfect! I even had a crown {that my six year old tried and tried to take away from me, but I wouldn't let her}!!

And what birthday wouldn't be complete without cake? Try FOUR cakes! This is the cake Angie made me. I had requested it since she made it last summer at a pool party. It's called Chocolate Sundae Cake and it is out of this world!
Birthday cake #2: Strawberry Cream Cheese
Birthday cake #3. Wayne said he bought this one for the kids, but they had so much playing upstairs, that it was never touched.
And birthday cake #4: Chocolate Fudge. Please don't ask me why my husband bought so many birthday cakes because for the life of me, I really don't know. I think he bought the strawberry cream cheese for himself!

My mom and Tiffany.
Karen and her grandson, JC.

Wayne bought me a tanzinite ring for my birthday and stuck it in my ice cream. I was sooo surprised. I wanted one while we were on the cruise last Fall, but he said he couldn't trust those Mexicans like he could Flair's. Ha! My husband is the best!


  1. I had soooo much fun!!

  2. What a great birthday! Looks like tons of fun! Wayne and your friends did a great job planning it.