Thursday, January 05, 2012

Just Talk

There are a few blogs that make me laugh out loud but Big Mama does it in a BIG way! I love that girl! And she's so educational, too! Who knew that all the things you needed to buy in the grocery store for a healthy diet were placed around the PERIMETER of the store? Maybe that's why I'm still trying to loose these last ten miserable pounds! I tend to shop more in the aisles. Note to self: Stay away from the aisles and shop the perimeters!! So if you want a good laugh, read Big Mama's post for today.

I continue to be amazed at the things Alise is doing in school. Just when I thought we were in a routine with homework and doing okay in the project area, BAM! Ms. H hits me out of the blue! On Tuesday - first day back at school since Christmas break - Alise comes home wagging a sheet of paper with freakin' DEFINITIONS on it!! Yes, peeps! Definitions. Ten words, ten definitions. Test Friday. Of course, I freaked. Since I had an 8 o'clock meeting on Wednesday, I didn't have a chance to talk to Ms. H about this nice little surprise, but I did this morning. Ms. H is the best! She showed me the test to give me an idea on how this new concept was going to work. And then she showed me a test of what the students will eventually progress to by the end of the year. I nearly fell out of my boots! Good grief! If I can survive first grade homework, I can survive anything!

And speaking is Alise holding up her report card. All A's again! So, so proud of her!
So today was the first day I was back in the office for - say - 8 days I think. So you can imagine the emails and voice mails. Bleh! So I'm sitting at my desk today {I know you shouldn't start a sentence with 'so', but whatevah!} and lo and behold I get an email from our marketing department letting us know that Monday we can wear our favorite teams' t-shirt/jersey. And, of course, there was a picture of an Alabama and an LSU player under the BCS Championship caption, but what got me was this: it said to wear Alabama "if you dare." Marketing department say what? Obviously, they don't know that I've been wearing a Bama shirt every Friday since like September!!! If you dare? Pah-leeese!

And speaking of my favorite team....have you seen these? OMG! And red velvet, too!! Bet LSU can't pull that one off!

Have a happy weekend! It's my birthday month so there's alotta FUN things going on! See ya next week!

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  1. I tell ya, first grade is really 2nd grade. Kindergarten is something too! It is amazing what they can do!