Monday, January 16, 2012

I Don't Have A Title For This Post

First and foremost, we survived another week of 1st grade and all the homework and whining and frustration and beatings-over-the-head-with-a-speckled-notebook that goes along with it. At least SOMEONE has the day off today. And it ain't me.

Speaking of having the day off today, I hate it when MLK and I celebrate our birthdays on the same day! It happens from time to time. Luckily, it didn't this year. I hate it because all the attention is placed on a dead person instead of on me. Anyhoo, I DO actually share my birthday with the awesome Lorenzo Lamas! Now, don't you peeps be sending me any pics of Mr. Lamas sporting a beer gut and gray hair!! I prefer to remember his beautiful days on 'Falcon Crest.' Remember that one, girls? God, he was HAWT!!

I've made two mistakes {only TWO} in my mothering capabilities in the last six years - almost seven. One, I introduced Alise to mani-pedi's waaaay too young and I kick myself every. single. time. And two, now when I go to the hair salon to get my hair did, I now drag her along. The only two things that bring me much joy and happiness are now being shared with a nearly seven year old. And not that that's BAD or anything, it's just that I considered those two things my guilty pleasures {I like to eat ice cream while I'm having my hair did, too, by the way}. The POINT to this whole shpill is to say that I am now FLAT IRONING MY DAUGHTER'S HAIR BEFORE SCHOOL EVERY MORNING! Have I lost my mind? Not only does she think she has to have a mani-pedi, but she thinks when she gets her hair cut that she has to have it washed and flat-ironed. So a few weeks ago, Fred's had a flat iron on sale for $10 and she literally begged me to buy it for her. And, like I said, now I am flat ironing in the morning. I don't even flat iron my own hair for goodness sakes!! And do you know what she said when we walked out of the store with it? She said, "I wish it was zebra print." Give. me. a. break!

Friday night, Alise had a pajama pizza party at a local pizza joint, but Wayne and I enjoyed Mexican across the street. It was the first time I've ever "left" Alise at a birthday party, but I knew she would be okay. After they got A settled in at the party, Clint & Tiffany joined us and we got to have an hour and a half of adult conversation. It was nice. But the adult conversation got carried away and all of a sudden, I was being texted that the party was over and {ahem!} I needed to come pick up my child. Ooops! So much for winning the "Mommie of the Year Award." Ha!

As you can tell, the girls had a blast at the party!

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