Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Cheer Performance

Last night, Alise and her competition squad performed at half time during the girls' basketball game at Ouachita High School {my ala mater}. It's one of her favorite things to do, so she was in heaven.

Crazy Momma's kid didn't have bloomers. Luckily, someone went to their house and got them with like three minutes to spare {Now that my blog is private, I can give more details and be more specific. And just for the record, "Crazy Momma" ain't me. There is a Momma on our team that is literally crazy!! She cussed out our cheer coach last year at Nationals. Cheer moms are vicious, peeps!}.

This weekend, we'll be traveling to Baton Rouge for regional competition. Nationals are in New Orleans in March. Alise is SO excited and I'm just glad we're still getting some use out of that cheer outfit!

Alise brought home all A's on her signed papers this week, so she redeemed her DS even though with everything that's going on this week, she hasn't/won't have time to play it. But I am so proud of her! Luckily for us, we only have THREE tests on Friday. That's the least amount we've had all year!

I'm headed to Baton Rouge myself today. So not looking forward to it! It's for business and not pleasure, but I'm wearing my Alabama blouse. Hoping I can give a big "Roll Tide" out to my Southern Louisiana peeps!

Ya'll have a great day! TWO more days till my birfday!!

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  1. Three tests are the minimum! Oh my word! What a year you have had!