Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Ugly Sweater Christmas Party

I don't even know where to begin.

If I had one word to sum up the USCP, it would be fun. So. much. stinkin'. fun.

But let me back up.

I never knew that a stupid USCP would get so many husbands' shorts in a wad or upset so many little girls. Bless their hearts.

All I wanted to do was have a girl party. A BIG girl party. I told someone that we spend so much time taking our kids to their friends' parties and going to parties with our husbands that we never have our "own" party with just girlfriends. And it was obvious that we don't get away enough because of all the comedy and drama that lead up to this party!

I'm not going to mention names, but these are just a few things that happened. One friend was absolutely giddy with excitement about being out of the house for a night. Another friend's husband saw the invitation and asked if he could wear his ugly Christmas sweater, too. Unfortunately, she had to explain to him that it was a "girl party" after I texted her and said, "No boys allowed." To make him feel better, he asked and she promised to bring home any leftover red velvet cake balls {always a staple at my parties}. I texted another friend and told her to come hungry and she texted back and said, "Hubby's hungry." Again, I had to say, "No boys allowed." Even Mr. Horton was pouting because he had to leave his kingdom for a few hours on a Friday night - with his daughter - and find something to do. And then our children - all girls - wanted to know why they couldn't come to Mrs. Laura's house. Alise told me, "All you care about is this party!" and then first thing Saturday morning, she asked, "So what did y'all do last night?" to which I replied, "You are six years old and I am your mother. It's none of your business what I did last night {God, that felt good!}!" Another friend got texts from her daughter that said, "I love you./I want to be with you./Why can't I come?" It really was funny.

But what was even more fun was when everyone began arriving in their sweaters! Angie told me, "I don't do this for just anybody!" Ha! Ashley showed up in her mother's old Christmas sweater that had SHOULDER PADS and lots of bling!! Jennifer told me the day before the party, "I only have one Christmas sweater and I still wear it!" Tiffany "said" she knew she would have had the ugliest Christmas sweater - supposidly it was light blue - but her sister had borrowed it for a party. Everyone wanted to know where MY sweater was, but I told them since it was MY party and I couldn't win the prize, I didn't have to wear one! Ha!

But lo and behold, it was my sweet friend Karen that rocked the ugly sweater contest!! She showed up in an ensemble complete from the Dollar Store with cheetah boots to boot and red Christmas ornaments for earrings!

Tiffany, Jennifer, Karen, Angie, Ashley

Tiffany, Jennifer, Karen, Angie, Me

When Wayne got home, he took a group pic of us. Karen had shed part of her ensemble by this time, so that's the reason for so many group pics.

I don't know who took this pic, but I thought it was so funny because it looks like I have stuff growing out of the top of my head. What's even funnier is that we talked about hair styles and I told everyone that I liked "big hair." Ha!
Love my book club friend, but Angie kills me when she pulls out her kindle! I can't talk. I love my kindle, too and I have her and Leigh to thank for my Christmas present from Wayne last year. Wait? What am I saying? I broke out my kindle at the party, too. My cover has a light attachment and I showed it to Tiffany. I know you hate that I don't have a pic of that! Ha! We talked about books and authors and our book club. May seem like boring stuff, but it was juicy to us.

Angie and Ashley
Those are all the pics from the party. I so wish I had gotten more, but some friends are camera shy and that's okay. Besides, we were too busy having fun and dishin' to take a whole bunch of pictures. The party didn't end until midnight and I can't think of a funner {I know that's not a word} group of girls to spend a Friday night or an USCP with! They are the best!!

I do want to show you my Christmas tree punch thingie though! I got it on sale for 55% off and I love it!

Because it was a small group, I decided to forego the paper products I bought and broke out my Christmas china and stemware. I stook mini candy cans on the glasses for a little Christmas flair.
And this is the only picture I took of the island. I hate that I didn't take more, but there was so much food leftover that all the husbands and daughters got a take home plate. I hope that put smiles on their faces!


  1. Fun times! All Moms deserve a girls party sometimes! Well really a lot, but we only get them every once in a while! :) Merry Christmas!

  2. You know you don't do enough by yourself when your husband and child are freaked out that you need some space! It looks like you all had a great time :)

  3. How funny that all the hubs and kids felt left out! You'll just have to have more girl time to get them used to it! Glad y'all had so much fun!

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  5. What a fun party! You girls look great! It looks like you had a blast!