Friday, December 23, 2011

More Christmas Party Pics

I told you we've been busy partyin'!!

Last Sunday night, we attended a party at Robbie & Angie's and their sweet neighbors. It was so much fun! Angie cooked for TWO days. What can I say? My friend loves to cook. Poor Wayne was feeling under-the-weather with a sinus infection and her spicy chicken wings really opened up his sinuses! Ha!

That sinus infection has since tracked me down. Just in time for Christmas!

Love, love, love her flocked Christmas tree with gold trim.

The girls were happy and content hiding "Caroline," M's stuffed Elf on a Shelf.

And here are all the sassy girls that attended.

We took a few "prom photos." They were so funny!

The F Family

On Tuesday night, a few of the girls from our Book Club got together for last hoorah before Christmas. As usual, we had a lot of fun, but I don't have any pictures because all those girls seem to be really camera shy.

On Thursday night, I tried redeeming myself with all of Alise's friends for not inviting them to the Ugly Sweater Party. We had pizza and cupcakes, played games and made ornaments. Nothing worthy of Pinterest, of course, but a party and fun just the same! They loved it and I think I have since been forgiven! I'll have to upload those pics soon.

And last but certainly not least, don't mess with The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo!!


  1. You guys have the best parties! How fun to do prom pictures. That is hysterical! I hope you guys are having a wonderful time! I hope the sinus infection leaves you soon. It has been horrid for us.

  2. Dragon Tattoo was the nastiest book I have ever read! I just didn't think I could sit through the movie.