Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let The Christmas Season Begin

The holiday season has officially begun for the Horton's. And so far, we are lovin' every minute of it!

Friday morning, we woke up to Jack hugging the Diet Coke bottle. What can I say? An elf after my own heart! Alise said, "Ewwwww, Mooooomieeeee! You're gonna get a headache because you can't touch your Diet Coke today!!" How well does she know about her mommie's caffeine withdrawals? By the way, if you're running out of antics for your EOTS, go here for some ideas.

Alise has her first loose tooth and it is breaking my heart. She is wiggling the fool out of it and wants to pull it sooo bad, but it's just not quite ready. I think I will ball up in the fetal position and pull the covers over my head when that day comes.

Last Wednesday, I took her to our church's children's Christmas party at a local skating rink. She had lots of fun with her friends, ate pizza and chocolate cake, and begged to stay longer. These were the only two pics that I got because she wouldn't stay still long enough.

While Wayne was away hunting, Alise and I hunkered down in the kitchen today and started some holiday baking. We cranked up the Christmas music on the satellite and got a roaring fire going in the fireplace. It was holiday bliss! We made fudge {recipe off the back of the Marshmellow Cream jar}, pecan tassies, cookies, and sausage balls. It's a start. I plan on doing lots more baking this season. We also did lots of wrapping to get ready for some upcoming Christmas parties.

I spent some time on Pinterest this weekend. Check out these Bad Santa Pics. They totally cracked me up!

Wayne killed a deer this weekend. It was a 9 point.
I am exhausted and see an early bed time in my future tonight. I'm headed to Shreveport for a few days.


  1. I am tearing up thinking about that stage you guys are going through with a loose tooth. We are right behind you guys with this stuff. We haven't lost any teeth yet. Too cute about Jack and the diet coke. Hope you have a great week! Congrats on the deer. My nephews will be so jealous!

  2. LOVE Jack on the Diet Coke bottle--cute! Our elf is named Jack too, but he disappeared since my kids have been behaving SO badly--they hope returns soon! :) Whatcha doing in S-port?